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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three and Half Years After the 2008 Cedar Rapids Flood

Today we left Langston/ Guntersville, AL. area and headed further south. When we went through Birmingham, AL. it was pretty busy with traffic. We got to Plattsville, AL, a suburb of Montgomery, AL. And of course we are at Wal-Mart SuperCenter.

While I was still in Cedar Rapids, IA, I was able to drive around the area that was flooded in 2008.

Every year we come back, I drive through the area, to see the changes.

Most of the homes have been taken down, leaving blocks and blocks of  homeless neighborhoods.

Yet there are still homes still standing.

Some boarded homes have for sale signs on them.

Mom's new apartments are just two blocks up on the hill, so I drove through this neighborhood daily.

Before I met Joe I lived 1 1/2 blocks from this neighborhood.

The home that we had lived in was flooded also. The  main floor was flooded to the picture window. Most of the homes in that block were able to rebuild. I was so glad i didn't still own that home. What a night mare these families have been through in the last three years.
Most of the homes in this area had structural and foundation damage and were condemned.

My mom says that she has heard that the city is going to build a wall down here somewhere between the river and the neighborhood.

Not for sure what is going on with this house. Either they are getting ready to move it, or putting in a new foundation. Maybe they are going to put it up on stilts.
All in all, it is just weird see this neighborhood gone.

This and the next picture is of the lagoons that are located down by the river.

While in Cedar Rapids, I would drive by here every day, going to my mom's condo and back to her apartment. We were getting it ready for trying to sell it on our own. We got an offer after a couple of weeks and are waiting for inspection and financing to go through. Please keep the sell of her condo in your prays. I will thank you a head of time for the requested prays.

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