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Monday, November 14, 2011

Weiss Lake, Eberhart Point on Lookout Mountain, & Bunk Party with Barb & Grace

We woke up to a gloomy, but warm day at Mountain Lake Resort.

We decide to take a drive to Weiss Lake on the north western border of Alabama and Georgia.

Weiss Lake is known as the "Crappie Capital Of the World" The lake is a 30,200 acres reservoir.  We ate lunch at the lake and then headed back home.

On the way home, we drove north on Lookout Mountain Parkway, or Hwy. 176. On the drive we came to Eberhart Point.

A very short hike takes you to a couple of viewing points of Little River Canyon.

This was worth the drive, more than Lake Weiss.

Too bad this wasn't peak color time for the fall leaf change though.

A sign recommends that RVs and motorcycles not travel along the scenic drive, due to loose gravel and sharp curves. We were on the right side of the road. The canyon wall lies just past the tree line of the other side of the road.

I was glad to get back to even ground. I love mountain top views, but I don't like driving along a cliff.

There were nice views on the descent down Lookout Mountain.

 We got home just before dark. There was rain out in the distance over the mountains across Lake Guntersville.

Lake Guntersville was beautifully still!

We had a high of 72 degrees today, but no sun.
While I was in Cedar Rapids, I met one of my old and dearest friends in Waterloo, IA. Barb and I went to school together to be Dental Hygienist twenty years ago in Waterloo. We were the only single moms in the hygiene program, so we were naturally drawn to each other. We had a bunk party in Waterloo, because it was the half way point between Cedar Rapids and Charles City, Ia where she lives. She brought her new little Labradoodle puppy, Grace. 
Grace is such an adorable puppy. Barb would put Grace in this basket in the back seat, and she would just sit there and not get out. I wish I had brought Mallery, because Grace was so mellow. I have never met a more mellow puppy or dog like Grace. Mallery is such a Nervous Nelly, she doesn't like to be around other dogs. I think she would have been fine with Grace.
While in Waterloo, Barb and I went for a pedicure. The first pedicure I have ever had. What can I say, being a LaFontaine has worn off on me.
It was a lot of fun and relaxing with a complimentary drink as well, but I probably won't get another one until Barb and I get together again next year. See you next year Barb, and give Grace a hug for me!

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