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Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Family Time in Gulf Shores, AL.

Alisha and Jamie brought their kids out to Styx River Resort on a weekend.

The kids really enjoyed the pool.

Alisha with Maddie.

Maddie enjoying the pool but still sucking on her pacifier.

Styx River Resort has a very nice indoor and outdoor pools.

Maddie got cold, because she was not swimming, so she had to get out long before Noah got out.

The next weekend we celebrated Alisha's birthday. Noah's friend Aden, from preschool came over for the party. Noah and Aden in their super hero costumes.

After singing Happy Birthday for Alisha, she sang how old she was with a celebrating dance.

At 35 you start to come to life!

The next day Alisha and Jami came back out to Styx River Resort.

The kids played at the play ground at our campground.

With our membership to the Ocean Canyon Resorts, our daughters also get memberships free. Alisha came out to get her  membership card. 

Just wanted to say, "Thanks Drew for  the yummy jalapeno pepper jelly. I just opened it up tonight. I put it over cream cheese with crackers. I hope you have some more of this stuff for me when we see you next time in Iowa.

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