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Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Orleans With Four Generations

Thursday 10/8/2012

We had to get down to Gulf Shores, AL in three days because the day after we arrived, I was going to go with my daughter Alisha to take my granddaughter Hayleah and her friend to New Orleans. The drive from Gulf Shores, AL to New Orleans was 190 miles and 3 hours and 20 minutes to the French Quarters of New Orleans. Here we were crossing Lake Pontchartrain. Lake Pontchartrain is a brackish estuary, so it is not a true lake. It is one of the largest wetlands in North America and the world.

We got in town at around 3:00 PM and the traffic was very thick.

Here is Hayleah ( the shorter one) and her friend Taylor at our hotel.
Hayleah turns 16 on December 24th, but this trip was a early Birthday present from her mom and Jamie to see Mayday Parade in concert. After the girls got ready, we drove them down to the French Quarters to the House of Blues where the concert was held. We dropped the girls off and found a place to park to get something to eat.
The next morning we had a free breakfast at the Residence Inn by Marriott.

The Marriott had a nice courtyard that we had a view of from our living room. Our place for the night had two bedrooms and, two bathrooms and a pull out bed in the living room and kitchen area. My mom June came along, because one of Hayleah's friends could not make the trip, giving room for her to come along.

Mom and Alisha.

View of the inside court yard. Our place was on the secound floor.

The next day we returned to the French Quarters. We wanted to walk around some more because we were park quite a distance from Bourbon Street the night before, and didn't get to see it. This is a picture of Jefferson Square in the French Quarters

This is where you will find all the local artist show casing their talent.

I loved this picture.

Mom, Alisha, Hayleah and Taylor watching the artist painting a picture.

The artist's name is Gustavo Trujillo. His website is www.gustavotrujillo.com

While walking around Jefferson Square, we met a  guy named Brian. As we walked by him, he said, " Aren't these picture just beautiful!" He continued to say, "Don't even think you are going to buy these two pictures, because I already bought them", as he pointed to two pictures with a sold sign on them. Then he told us that he and his husband never agree on anything, but he sent a picture to him on the phone and he loved them. I said, " Yeah, I said, that happens a lot to me"! He looked at Alisha and I, and asked how long we had been together. We both immediately corrected him, me saying she is my daughter, and she saying I was her mother. He said, " Oh my God, I just stuck my foot in my mouth, as he put his hand over his mouth. As we started to walk off he followed us and said he lived in Washington DC and had served in the military prior as a bomb diffuser. He said he was the only survivor in his military tour. He started to talked about how he had just left Washington DC a few days earlier and all the Republicans were also leaving DC with their tails between their legs. I told him we were Republicans and yes. it was a sad day for us too. Alisha grabbed my arm and said come on mom, don't, as Brian continued to dog Republicans. Brian could tell I liked to talk about politics, and tried to suck me in, but I respected Alisha's wished and kept quiet. Then he told us that he was actually a liberal Republican because he doesn't like giving all his money to welfare people and plus being an ex military guy. He said he voted Democratic because he felt he had too, because the gay community wouldn't like it if he didn't. Every time we tried to leave, he grabbed someone and said he was still talking to grandma or Hayleah. Alisha finally gave up and left to find a bathroom and returned with a Bloody Mary. I think he was stressing her out. She said later she didn't want to be embarrassed with two snaps, an arm circle and a hell no when he told me off when de dissagreed! Here are some of the other things he told us. He is now a bomb diffuser in security in Washington DC. He had lunch on Easter on the Bush ranch one year, and Lauri Bush makes the best cookies. He was with Nancy Pelosi the other day and he just hates her. Barbara Bush is a bitch, President George W Bush was stupid, but President H Bush was really nice. At one point he told us his mom hated him. I told him I was sure his mom didn't hate him, but she just didn't like his behavior. He said I sounded like his mother. He said he wanted a picture with mom and Hayleah, so I took pictures, though he never gave me his phone for a picture

He said mom reminded him of Betty White. Later on that day, my entire family said he was big story teller. I am gullible and I believed everything he said. I still give him the benefit of the doubt! I wanted to tell him that I believe most Republicans don't hate gays, but they just have different beliefs and values. I believe God loves gays, but just doesn't like what they are doing. I believe God loves adultery, murders, child abusers, and thieves, and every other sinner, but hates the sins. I base all my views on Bible scripture.. Here is  one verse that tell me how God feels about homosexuality : Leviticus 18:22. My only regret that day is I forgot to tell Brian thank you for serving in the military. I met a veteran in a campground in LaConner, Washington. He told me only 3 people in his entire life had thanked him for his service. After hearing him say that, I made it a promise to myself to thank and military that I meet for their service. Brian was the first veteran I am around and I forgot!

After Jefferson Square we got to Bourbon Street.

The French Quarter is not a good place for the elderly to walk. 90 % of the time I had my arm around my mom's arm. There are uplifted pavers and holes everywhere on the side walks. With all the neat architect, it is hard to keep your eyes to the ground

How Bourbon Street got it's name.

A friendly mule taking a break from pulling carriage

Watching the sidewalk as I look up.

I do love all the different architect in the French Quarters, but I would hate to live in this big city!



 Alisha drove through Bourbon Street the night before, looking for parking. None was found. We felt fortunate that Alisha did not kill anyone. There was constantly people darting in front of her car, be it walkers, bicyclers, or other cars. It was just crazy driving there!

While on our Bourbon Street walk, I was told by my mother, a mouse ran up the sidewalk and into a bar!

You never know what you will find on Bourbon Street.

For a tip, you can get a picture of all the weird people.

We stopped at this courtyard for a bite to eat.

Mom and Hayleah.

After lunch we stopped at the Cafe Du Monde.

WE got some of the famous beignets for the road.

The girls were tired and fell asleep on the way home.

Alisha said Hayleah has always slept with her eyes slightly open. Happy Early Birthday my dear Hayleah. I had a good time on our trip to New Orleans. Love you dearly!

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