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Friday, November 30, 2012

Blake's 30th Birthday & Following Hayleah For The Day

Sunday 11/18/2012

A couple of days after Maddie's 2nd birthday, we celebrated Blake's ( my 2nd daughters Tiffany's boyfriends ) 30th birthday.

Blake was blessed with two birthday cakes, because I found a yummy Reese's ice cream cake at Wal-Mart that day.

Lennox helped his dad open his presents. Blake's mom and step dad had just arrived that day from Iowa.

The next day my mom and I followed Hayleah around the area, while she took photographs for her art class. We first went to the Wharf in Orange Beach, AL. The Wharf is an outside shopping mall.

The Wharf sign on the Ferris wheel.


Hayleah took some really neat pictures that was done by a technique called HDR ( High Dynamic Range). I wish I had them to show on my blog but I don't.

Hayleah is thinking of following in her mothers footsteps.

My photograph of my soon to be Nana girl photographer.
We also went to the Gulf State Park Pier.

I had Mallery with me that day because she had got a immunization, and I didn't want to leave her alone,, in case she had a reaction. I had to stay in the parking lot, because dogs are not allowed anywhere on the pier or beach.

Once back home Maddie posed for a picture with her hat on. I was lucky to get this picture, because she put the hat on for just a few seconds. I wanted to put the hat on her, but she has become very independent and has to do everything by her self!

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