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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Joe's Brothers Son's Wedding In Rock, Hill, SC.

                  Thursday 3/20/2014

We left Greensboro, GA., and headed east on I-20.  After about an hour, we stopped for lunch. A few miles after our lunch stop we crossed the border and entered into South Carolina. Another hour, and we found our night stopping point at the Super Wal-Mart in Columbia, South Carolina.
The next day we headed north on I-77 for another hour.
We normally would not be this far north this early, but we had a wedding to attend in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Joe's brother John's, son, was getting married. This was a great opportunity to see his entire family in one place. Joe family had reservations at the Courtyard Marriott in Rock Hill. We parked our bus in a cul-de-sac right next to the hotel for two nights. (Where the hotel told us to park).  We stayed for free for the two nights. Only a LaFontaine could pull off that, while the rest of the wedding goers paid hotel prices of $109 per night. Joe was a "Happy Camper"!
That evening we attended the rehearsal dinner. (Even though we were not in the wedding- it pays to be family).

At the rehearsal dinner this was our menu. I thought it was a very cute idea. And the food was yummy especially the crab soup, which I guess the restaurant, "The Fish Market" in Fort Mills, SC, is famous for.
The next day I grabbed the opportunity to get a picture of Joe's immediate family, before the wedding. Front row from left to right: Renee ( Joe's oldest sibling) and Kay, Joe's 91 year old mother. Back row: Joe ( the baby of the family), John ( Joe's older brother), and Dave (oldest brother).
That day was the wedding of and Brittany and Mike. It was a outside wedding and the weather was a perfect day in the low 70's.

From left to right Diane LaFontaine ( not me, but my sister-in law- yes we are both Diane Kay LaFontaine), Mike, Brittney, John ( Joe's brother), and Joe's mother Kay.
While waiting for the bridal party to finish their 2 hour photo shoot, the rest of the guests enjoyed an open bar and hors d'oeuvre. Of course I forgot to take a picture until I had ate most of the hors d'oeuvre. I really enjoyed the berry martini's that night.
The wedding reception also had a photo booth to keep us entertained, while waiting for the wedding party to return.
Pictures of the pictures from the photo booth.
It took a lot of convincing, but I finally got Joe to go back to the photo booth to do goofy poses.
We had another set of photo's in different hat's, but we must have forgot to pick them up because I didn't have them the next day. Darn!
After a fun 2 hours of drinks, snacks and the photo booth, the wedding party returned and came in, in two's, doing cute little dance moves.
The first dance of the bride and groom.
And once again I remembered to take a picture of the yummy prime rib, asparagus, broccoli, and can't remember what else we had- why you take the picture before you eat.
After dinner everyone enjoyed dancing. This is Joe' brother Dave's son Ryan and his wife Tiffany coming off the dance floor.
Joe getting down with Tiffany LaFontaine.
"Oh I best hold my stomach in, wifie is taking pictures" Joe thought (my interpetation of the picture he he).
 I missed getting so many pictures this week. I wanted some pictures of Marsha ( Dave's wife) and Selina and Jodie's, (Dave and Marsha's daughter and husband), and Bill ( John and Diane's other son) but it is hard to enjoy the party and be a photographer at the same time.
The next day, we left our cul-de-sac site next to the hotel, and continued north on I-77 to cross the border into North Carolina.
This shot shows all the blooming white Bradford Pear trees along the highway. We also noticed the strange tall single pine tree. When we passed the tree, we realized it was a utility pole/fake pine tree- no wonder it looked so strange.
 After arriving in Charlotte, NC, we found our way to the suburb of Indian Trail, where Joe's brother John lives. We parked our Bus on the street next to his house for 2 nights. Kay and Renee, stayed in the house for 2 nights before flying home. On the 3rd day, I got a knock at the Bus door only to find the Indian Trail sheriff outside. He told me that the neighborhood association wanted us to leave. I went inside and told everyone the great news. John called the association and talked them into letting us stay another 3 nights. After Kay and Renee left, Joe and I moved into John and Diane's home because the night temps dipped down to 27 degrees. On Friday we left and went to the Indian Trail Super Wal-Mart for the next 3 nights. We had not planned to leave yet, and we normally don't stay at Wal-Mart more than 2 nights, but rain and storms were predicted, so we decided to wait it out before moving on. We had a wonderful time at John and Diane's. They were both exceptional host, while we stayed at their home. We really enjoyed our stay and our time with John and Diane, but all guest can overstay their welcome, so it is time to hit the road again.  Tomorrow we leave for the Pinehurst, NC area for a week.

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