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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tour of North Shore Resort In Greensboro, GA.

                  Saturday 2/29/2014

I told you in my last blog that we have been at North Shore Resort in Greensboro, GA for about a week.
Today I am going to give you a tour of the resort. We walked up the street from our Nest.
Directly above our Nest are some train car cabins.
Directly below our Nest are more sites including waterfront sites.
There is another motor home behind us,  and two empty sites in front of us that are presently occupied.
We continue up the street.
Up the street from us, there are model homes that can be rented.
On the other side of the street are more hills and sites. Half of the sites up the hill have permanent RV's or mobile homes.
A look back at the model homes that you can rent.
As we walk further up the street, we walk past 3 pavilions.
At the end of the street we come to the Club House.
The Club House has a large deck on the front and side with lots of table seating.
The deck has views of the pool ( which is covered by tarps presently) and Lake Oconee.
Next to the pool we see this train car, thinking it must be a concession stand.
We found this sign on the red train car, which peaked our interest.
In the car, Joe found a smoke filled room with 4 poker machines, and a waste basket full of beer cans.
We follow a road down that takes us down by the lake.
Below the pool, we found 5 waterfront red train cars with decks for rent.
We peaked inside the cars, and found they were furnished very simply.
Docks below the train car cabins.
As we walked along the lake toward our site, you can see the scattered sites with their paved drives and decks.
Closeup of the paved sites with decks.
Another waterfront site.
A look down from the waterfront site.
Further down are more waterfront sites and more docks. The only disappointment is the water is brown with no 0 % clarity. We are just spoiled with the northern lakes.
View of our Nest below the red train car cabins up the hill.
View of our Nest when we are directly below it.
Tennis courts.
On the same street as our Nest, but behind us, is another tarp covered pool. Across the street are the tennis courts.
Another train car used for restrooms and game rooms, next to the pool.
Next to the pool there is another large pavilion with picnic tables.
Back to the red train car cabins above our site.
With 275 sites and much more land to add more sites, this park is very large. I only showed you our street, Sunset Dr., and below to the lake. Most of the park is up the hill from us. The park did a excellent job of planning, as most site have water views.
With us sitting on Sunset Dr., how could I not give you a few more sunset shots I got the evening after touring the resort.
Lake Oconee is the 2nd largest lake in Georgia and covers 19,050 acres. The average depth is 21 feet. The Oconee and Appalachia Rivers flow into the lake. The river was dammed in 1980, producing the lake. 
We have been really enjoying our stay at the North Shore Resort. I have been getting caught up on laundry since we had spend about 2 weeks in no sewer campgrounds prior to this stay. Joe has been cleaning the car and doing some outside RV cleaning, and I have been getting my bills paid, checkbook balanced, and supplies ordered. Mallery got a bath today and next I need to cut her hair. You know, boring normal everyday stuff that full timer RVers need to slow down to do once in a great while. Joe said that when we leave here, we will be about $1,800.00 ahead, after purchasing our Ocean Canyon Properties membership. We are thinking of selling our membership , as it has served it's purpose, providing cheaper RV campground stays on our West coast travels. If we decide to sell it, it will be 1/6 of the price we paid for it. When we decide to sell it, I will blog more information later.

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