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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boyne Mountain, Boyne Falls, MIchigan

                                                    October 12, 2014
The day before we left Boyne City, we decided to check out Boyne Mountain.
We had heard about this area, but had never checked it out. It is located 6 miles east of Boyne City in Boyne Falls, MI.
We first drove around the residential area. There are lots for sale here. Some homes overlook Deer Lake as seen in previous picture.
We found the Beach House Restaurant on Deer Lake.
We have not ate here yet, but I am sure we will sometime. If you would like to see their menu click the link below http://www.boyne.com/boynemountain/dining/beach-house
We continued our exploration through an area where you can purchase "Slopeside Mountain Cabins" starting at $89,900.
As you can see we were almost at the peak of color for the season.
We came upon Creekside Condominiums. You can rent 1 to 4 bedroom condo's at Boyne Mountain. I checked on a website and found I could rent a 1 bedroom condo for 3 nights for $780,00. There is a ski lift just out the door of Mtn Vila 1. This price does not include food, waterpark or golf entrance. It did include breakfast though. Check out the link for Creekside at Boyne Mountain at
The condo's are really pretty nice, but I guess they should be for that price.
I could enjoy staying here for a few nights especially during a snow storm.
We finally found the waterpark and ski area at Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark.
The parking lot was full. There must have been a lot of people here for the fall colors.
The Grand Mountain Resort has rooms also at the waterpark/ski resort area. A 2 queen bed room for 3 nights during a weekend in January will run you $950.00. This price does not include meals, waterpark, or lift tickets. Here is a link if you want more information on the accommodations at the resort. 

Part of the waterpark exits the resort walls. I tried to get pictures of the waterpark, but my lens fogged up, making it impossible to get.
There is a Zip line at Boyne Mountain. During the fall it is the "Zip Of Terror" at a price of $55 per person.

We walked behind the Grand Mountain resort and got our first glimpse of Boyne Mountain. We could have taken the chair lifts to the top but we were short of time, so we will do it another day.
View of the back side of the Grand Mountain Resort facing Boyne Mountain.
Between the Grand Mountain Resort and Grand Mountain there were cafe's.
Here is a picture we found of Boyne Mountain with it's many runs.
This is a list of the many runs on Boyne Mountain.

And a list of the lifts on the mountain.
Another cafe on the resort properties.
Boyne Mountain was famous years before Lake Charlevoix became well known. It was after people were coming to Boyne Mountain when they started to notice Lake Charlevoix  6 miles away.
Our home is exactly 10 miles from Boyne Mountain, making it a really nice added attraction for us in the future.


  1. Wow the changing trees are absolutely beautiful!! We will not be back to Michigan until 2016. We are headed to west side of US this spring and summer. Hopefully we can connect in 2016.

    1. Hi Dusty, We so loved the west when we traveled there 3 times. I will follow you as you go and see you in 2016.