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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Last Day & On The Road Again

                                                       October 13, 2014
Our last week in Boyne City, it rained, and rained and rained. With that continual rain we found a leak in the log cabin part of our home. Joe put a bucket on the mantle to catch the drip and called one of the contractors we had interviewed a few days prior. Fortunately that contractor was able to come over that day and fix the problem. He got a gold star for his quickness, and he is the number one pick for contractor on our list for the bathroom renovations.
And with all that rain we also found a leak in the motor home. I guess when it rains, sometimes it pours! The day before we left, we moved our bed back into the motor home. Mallery seemed to do fine that night when we left the house and went to bed in the motor home. The next day before we left, I walked Mallery one more time down the alley, and told her she was once again a RV girl!
Joe parked the Honda across the street in Bill's drive, so I could help direct him and the bus out of the drive, past the ditches.
 It was much easier getting out then it was getting in the driveway with the bus. Joe headed down the lake shore road, and I stopped to take one last picture of the lake before I hopped into the Honda to follow him.
Sometimes the lake can be so peaceful!
Goodbye Lake Charlevoix. See you in the spring. We will miss you, but not the cold!
At the city park in Boyne City we hooked up the car. There was no place at the house or closer, that was a good hook up place.
It looked to us that we were leaving just days before the peak of color around the lake. Next year we will stay longer, but we had appointments to keep.
Our first appointment was in Gaylord, MI about an hour SE of Boyne City. I looked at Mallery, as we traveled down the road. She was back to the Full Timing Rver dog she has been for the last 6 years! So glad she adapts so easily.
Joe had found a business in Gaylord that worked on trucks that said they could try to fix our leveling jack. This jack got messed up when we were trying to get our bus into our spot next to the garage at our new house. They had a pit that the bus could be driven over, making it an easier access to get to the leveling jack.  Joe unhooked the car, and I started to move the Honda away from the bus. As I started to pull away, I heard the guy tell Joe that there was no room for error. He said make very slow and small moves with the wheel. I have always been the directing guy who gets Joe and the bus into the camping sites. Joe tends to make large moves with the wheel, and I am always telling him not such big turns. I drove off to a side parking spot and started to pray. Anxiety was kicking in and I imagined Joe moving the wheel too far in one direction and putting a bus wheel in the pit and the bus on it's side. I have noticed since I have had to lower my hormones, I get a lot of anxiety. (Just one of the many problems that I get when my hormones are low). The Lord answered my prays and after what seemed like forever in prayer, I heard the bus making that annoying backing up beeping noise, with the bus emerged from the building that houses the pit. All was well once again. The leveling jack was fixed, and for only $48. What a deal! Joe was told if he had came in the winter, it would have cost twice that, because he would have to pay for the heat that is lost when the door is open to bring the bus in.
Our next stop was just down the road to get some much needed propane for the chilly weather we were experiencing.
While the propane tank was being filled, I noticed across the street, the deciduous trees in full color below the towering pines. Once full of gas, we drove down the street to the Wal-Mart for a good nights sleep. Yes, I know we only traveled an hour from our house, but that is the prerogative of retiree's that carry their home with them. I guess we are just like turtles!

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