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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lansing Cottonwood Campground & MSU Small Animal Clinic

                                                Tuesday 10/14/14
After a night at the Gaylord Super-Wal-Mart, we headed further south to Lansing, MI. Most of the drive that day was in the rain.
Thankfully it stopped raining when we arrived at the campground in Lansing for the set up.
Mallery liked this campground. It is funny how she doesn't care for some campgrounds and others she does. Joe and I think it all depends on squirrels. When she had a full time home, she loved running around the yard chasing squirrels up trees. This campground had lots of trees and squirrels. We found a path that took us along a creek.
The path wound along the ponds in the campground also.

On this day Mallery seemed to have lots of energy,
but it was a cold day, and she thrives on cold days when it comes to walking.
Usually it is hard to find campgrounds in larger cities. It was nice to have Lansing Cottonwood Campground right in the middle of the city, since we had to go to MSU the next day.
This is a picture that Joe saw in the registration office. He told me I needed to go inside and see it.
This is what happens when grandparents takes their grand kids camping in a RV, and leave their engine on, while hooking up outside.
The office workers were working on a huge puzzles. Puzzles drive me crazy. I have tried to work on a few in other campgrounds, but it usually causes me anxiety because I can't find a single puzzle piece to fit in the puzzle. I envy anyone who can do these puzzles.
This is a picture of Lansing Cottonwood Campground I found in the office.
Because it was mid October the pool was closed for the season.
The next morning we had a 10:00 AM appointment at the Small Animal Clinic at MSU. After visiting with a Dr. for a while, we had to leave Mallery for 6 hour at the clinic for blood work and special x-rays. Not realizing I was going to have to leave her, I didn't give her medicine that morning. Joe and I ran home which was only 20 minutes away and got her medicine. When I dropped the medicine off at the front desk, I also told them she had not done her morning daily duty, so I was concerned she would be in a small cage stressed for hours unable to relieve herself. They reassured me that their cages were large and they would walk her outside if she needed to take care of business. The day was long, as I told you in a previous blog, and when we came back for our 5PM appointment, we were told Mallery did in deed have a tumor. As we left the clinic, I felt down with the findings from the test. We barely got out the front door and Mallery took care of business on the sidewalk. Nope, I don't think anyone walked my little girl! They were also unable to get her to take her pill, even wrapped in a treat. I figured this would happen, because she usually won't eat unless I am with her.
After doing an internet search on dogs with cancer, I learned they should be fed a high protein and fat diet with no grains. This will slow the growth of the tumors. Dry dog food can not be made without grains or carbs, which is what she has ate her entire life. I had Joe get me some ground beef and chicken at the store. I froze the protein so I could have it available to add to Mallery's regular food. When your dog has cancer, it is very important for them to eat. The cancer changes their metabolism, which is why dogs and people lose fat and muscle so fast. A skinny dog or person has no reserves to provide energy, which they need to fight the cancer.
The appointment at the clinic took a lot out of Mallery. She does not do well away from her pack. She probably also felt the sadness, in our Nest. I recently read that a dog will not know he or she has cancer, but will sense worry or sadness from it's owners. It is important for the dog owner to have a positive attitude so the dog does not become stress. The dog will feel the negative energy which will promote further sickness.

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