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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Views East Of Our Property

                      October 7, 2014

The last week we were in Boyne City, we had a few beautiful days. When we drive to Boyne City, the route is a lake shore drive around the lake. Like Joe says, he never gets tired of this drive. He always see something new he didn't see before. One day I had Joe stop at the marina that is just down the street from us.
I walked out on one of the docks of the marina and looked to the west. We live along this shoreline.
The trees were really turning color on this side of the lake.
The house that you see in the left of the picture is our neighbor Bill's house. He lives across the street and on the lake from us.
The lot to the right of Bill's house, is our lakefront property. You can see our large weeping willow along the shoreline.
Next to Bills to the east is Dick's house. We haven't met Dick yet.
Next to Dick's house are 4 very small cabins. The 4th cabin to the left has been under renovation this year.
Next to the renovated cabin to the left are 2 more small cabins, a small house and then the marina where I was taking pictures.
Further east from the marina are much bigger homes that sit across the street like our home. As you continue east toward Boyne City the majority of the houses sit across the street from the lake and getting larger.
<b>Boyne</b> <b>City</b>
We are 4 miles from Boyne City which has a population of 3,735 people. The majority of the lake homes are summer homes by non Boyne City residents. We stopped at a small convenience store that is a mile toward town from our home. The owners welcomed us to the neighborhood and told us we had bought on the #2  "Best Lake in America" according to  "USA Today Best Lakes In America" If you want to read the article and see the lakes that Lake Charlevoix ran against click this link.   http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/07/lake_charlevoix_is_americas_se.htmlThe cool thing is that we have seen over half of the 15 lakes that were in the running. Lake Tahoe, CA/ Nev; Crescent Lake Wash; Blue Mountain Lake, NY; and Newfound Lake, NH; were lakes we loved but they were too far or to costly to live on. Here is another article about our lake : http://articles.petoskeynews.com/2012-07-31/lake-charlevoix_32966709 


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