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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Last Of The Fall Colors

                                                               Monday 10/19/15
We had taken a drive to Petoskey, the town we go to, for most shopping, the week before, and saw that the trees were starting to turn colors, but they had not hit their peak. Looking across the lake, it looked like we were at our peak, so we decided we should take a drive.

First stop, the Harborage Marina in Boyne City.

2/3 of the boats have been removed from the marina.

Beautiful clear water at the marina, where you can see to the bottom.

Closer up of colorful trees on the north shore of Lake Charlevoix.

Even closer up with zoom.

I'd like this boat! It would be nice to have one with a potty room for longer rides when it is cooler out and you don't want to jump into the lake.

We continued our drive north of Boyne City.

Mallery enjoyed the drive too, though she didn't see much.

We found that we had missed the peak after all. Dang!

The peak was somewhere between the last 5 days, when we went to Petoskey, the last time we had been out and about.

This drive was actually near Walloon Lake which is at a higher elevation, so  the peak was earlier than back at our house I think.

Oh well we still really enjoyed the ride, and hope you did too.

There are so many trees up here in Northern Michigan, making it so beautiful in the fall.

Joe found a house that advertised eggs for sale. While he went for eggs I got a picture of a rooster. Joe came back, eggs sold out.

Love it up here in northern Michigan country! I knew I had to settle in a spot that had full fall color, since we are born and raised mid-westerners. I loved the west, but they just don't have fall foliage. Colorado has the beautiful aspens, which is about it for fall colors. We had thought of moving to the New England states, just for the fall, but then we found this place! We both knew we had found home, when we came to Northern Michigan.

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