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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Up North in October

                                                             October  2015
With October, there are a few more rain showers, but I do have to say we tend to miss the more heavy rains. The storms always seem to go north and south of us. Not sure if the lake has some effect on this. As we were driving from Boyne City to our home, we could see storm clouds to the north of us.
We had gone into town to pick up some sandwiches from the Lake Street Market. I got the "Dangermouse" for $6.95, which had pastrami, fresh mozzarella, tomato,  house-made basil pesto on sourdough bread, grilled. It was really good.
Joe had the "Holy Tamikimo." for $7.50
His had roasted turkey, smoked ham, applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, onion, & mayo in a whole wheat wrap. We are really lucky to have so many nice restaurants available to us in our small town of 3,762 people. In the summer the population explodes to 3 times this population with summer home owners. Most of the summer home owners don't claim this as their main resident because they have other homes, and are only here for 3 months of the year or less.
On a Saturday, while Joe ran our garage sale, I ran downtown to the Fall Festival/ Farmers Market.
They had pumpkin painting for the kids, as well as 5 blocks of arts and crafts, and food vendors. It was a chilly day, but somebody needed to get our weekly veggies and local meats.

Our little maple tree started to turn orange. The top of the large maple tree was just starting to turn color.

The day was windy making the lake choppy, but still a beautiful day!
I have started Mallery on 2 new supplements that I heard about on a chat room for dogs with cancer. I started her on the Artemix first, but then read that most started their dogs on the Artemisinin first, as it is suppose to have less side effects. I found the exact opposite. When I gave Mallery the Artemisinin, she was very hyper and whined and wouldn't relax to go to sleep. (You must give it at night, 3 to 4 hours after her last meal). Where as when I gave her the Artemix, it conks her out and she sleeps most the night. So currently I am only giving Mallery the Artemix. The theory is that this supplement is like chemo that kills cancer cells without killing healthy cells. Because it kills cancer cells, her blood stream is over loaded with dead cancer cells creating an over load of toxic waste or what is called die off. Because of the need to eliminate the toxic waste, you need to be able to detox it from the body. The daily or every other day fluid treatments really help the flushing out of the toxins.Thankfully Mallery seems to be doing extremely well with the fluid treatments. There is talk this might some day be a treatment for people with cancer, but it needs years of testing first.
We took our last boat ride on October 11th.. This is a selfie of Mallery enjoying the sun and smells during our ride.
I try to get pictures of just her, but it is not easy, with a dog who is constantly moving and smelling all the different smells in the air.
If Joe goes nice and slow, she really enjoys her rides now. On our  October rides, we surveyed that 80% of all docks and boats had been removed from the lake by the first of October.
Joe dropped Mallery and I off so he could take one last fast boat ride for the season.
He zoomed across the lake and then fast back and forth in front of our home. I didn't realize it was him until he came back or I would have taken his picture. The weather was predicted to be cold, rainy and nasty for a week. The dock and boat lift removers we had hired had not got to us yet as promised, but had said for sure they would get it out in a week. We knew that this would be our last boat ride for the season.
After the ride, we enjoyed the 80 degree weather day on the deck. ( which is very unusual for Northern Michigan)
The trees next to our neighbors were coming into their glory giving us a nice deck view.
With almost all boats out of the water in mid October, the waters were perfect for sailing.
I have never given you a picture of our cozy cabin living room, so that evening I took a picture through the large picture widow from outside on the deck. We painted the side wall a light blue in mid July, to brighten up the living room which tends to be very dark.
View of our house length deck.
Joe did a really good job of getting our yard back in shape. Because of our late start in  getting here this summer, (June 1st), the weeds had started to take over the yard. We also had three large areas where trees had been removed leaving 3 large grass free round spots. With lots of hard work, the weeds are gone and there is grass in the bare spots and you can't tell where the trees use to be.
Another storm to the north of us, but calm waters on our side of the lake.
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  1. So funny. I found your blog this morning on the Outdoor Blogger Network. Thought your pics looked familiar and clicked around. I've worked for years in the BC area and recognized your view. How cool? I moved to Georgia this year but still get back on a regular basis. Have a great winter!

    1. Hi Jason, did you use to live in Boyne City? What took you to Georgia? Looks like you are a big fishermen. We just moved to this area, and my husband wants to fish. Do you know if there is any good fishing on the lake? We heard it use to be good, but has declined do to zebra mussels.

    2. I lived north of Petoskey and worked in Boyne City. I met a gal in Georgia, which is about the only thing that could take me away from Michigan. Lake Charlevoix is an excellent lake to fish and is getting better. Fish the rocky areas in 4-20 feet of water for big smallmouth bass or you can troll for trout and walleye. Lots of perch too. Jordan river is really good for trout and a fun float on a summer afternoon. Enjoy your new home, you have a great spot.

    3. Hi again, my husband wanted me to ask what he should use for bait in the rocky areas? My husband is not a early riser. He also wants to know if he can catch anything any other time of day? We see lots of fishermen trolling past out dock in the evening, so we know that must be a good time. Any good fishing during the day? Congrats on your finding your new gal, and enjoy the winter!

  2. Guys trolling in the evening are after walleye, either trolling crawler harnesses or body baits like Shad Raps. In the May and June the smallmouth bass will bite all day long. They hit really well on soft plastic jigs in white, silver flake, light pink or crawfish colors. They also hit spinner baits or body baits like Rapalas in bright or natural colors.
    Some of the trollers are after steelhead and salmon but they require heavier and more expensive gear and techniques.
    If you want simple then fish the spring or fall for perch. You'd have to ask around on where to go, but all you need are cheap rods, reels, perch rigs and minnows. You have to be in the right spot to catch them.

    Hope all this helps. Cheers!

    1. Hi Jason, Thank you so much for all this information. This should help Joe get started and encourage him to continue his new hobby!