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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Friends & More Rocks


During our stay at Quartzite, little Malley started waking up in the middle of the night coughing and having trouble breathing. She would get herself so worked up with anxiety that she would start to shiver uncontrollably. We took her to the vet in town who gave her a shot and some medicine that he hoped would help her. He thought she had pharyngitis's. After a week of giving her the medicine she has improved, but some nights she still wakes up, so we are going to get more medicine before we leave.

No, this isn't our little Malley, this is a Yorkie that is the pet of a couple we met who are vendors at Quartzite. They are from Alaska. Diane just loved this 2 1/2 lb little Yorkie. She loves the long hair on her. Mallery's hair has an undercoat (even though Mallery is a full blood Yorkie- her hair coat is not the desirable coat you get with expensive champion bred dogs.) and mattes real easy so we are unable to grow Mallery's hair out like this little Yorkie.
The picture below is of their other dog. We had a great time visiting with them.


As we walked down the sidewalk from our park on Main St. we past another RV park. These two RVs caught my attention. The one on the right has at least 100 animal statues and artificial flowers and other yard art in front and around and even attached to their RV. The one on the left is what I would call a Rambo RV, with its camouflage paint job and all the antenna's and dishes on the roof.


The sign out front says it all. We stopped at this place while walking to a discount food market.
Diane liked this blue or aqua colored rock. Hard to believe it is a natural rock. Maybe it is glass, we didn't ask, so your guess is as good as ours.
Check out the layered stripping of this beauty of nature.
Giant pink square quartz.
Not sure what this stone is, but it is really neat. We purchased a small piece of the white rock in front, it is called rose something. Can't remember the name.
Another large slab of rock with fossils.

Arizona Peridot
Wild Rose Jasper

Close up of Wild Rose Jasper
Close up of Mica.
Desert Lapis
View from the back of the business.
Not to be out done by my wife Diane, Here is my collection of rocks that I purchased. The Flower in the round wood hand carved stand is a piece of art Diane purchased back in Tucson.
Diane's collection keeps growing, and growing.
Rose Stone, Fish Fossil in limestone, Slice of agate, dark green Malachite, another fossil, then a black rock with a crystal in it that when ground down produces what looks like a painted white flower, you would never guess that it was a real stone.
The piece of stone with the designs on it I purchased from a Navajo Indian who made it when we were at Canyon De Chelly, AZ.. Diane actually talked to the guy and negotiated a price on a similar piece of hand craved rock art; the guy offered her a second piece for only $5 more. That's when I piped in and said I would pay the extra $5 to get this piece. The photo on the right is a professional photo of the towering Spider Rock in the Canyon De Chelly, AZ.
This is a closeup picture of that black stone with the crystal inside.
This is a closeup picture of the 4 million year old fossil from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

This is a closeup picture of the rose stone and the green Malachite. If you look close, you will see the round patterns in the Malachite.
This is a closeup of my fish fossil found in limestone in WY.
I cant remember the name of this stone, I purchased it for a dollar, the first day, at the first vendor we visited, because I thought it was unusual. Little did I know what other great stones we were about to see in the days to come.
This is my slice of Agate that I purchased. $2 per pound. Want to guess what it weighs?
The outside is green and then the middle ring has purple hues which is hard to see in the picture.

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