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Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the Road Again to Yuma, AZ.


On the road again! Quartzite was fun, but 30 days in one location gets old for me. Diane on the other hand enjoys staying put so she doesn't feel rushed to run around and see things everyday. She enjoys just staying home and spending time surfing the net and doing projects in the nest. We are headed further south to Yuma, AZ. We will be staying there for 28 days.
The weather turned cloudy and rain started to come down shortly after we left Quartzite. Wouldn't you know it, I just finished washing the Honda yesterday, oh well, such is life on the road without a garage.
Weather started to lighten up as we get further south. One corner caught me off guard and our set of knifes that we forgot to put away for the drive went flying. Thank goodness they flew to the side and not toward the front at us.
Must have rained hard here, see the water alongside the road. Outside of Yuma, fields and field of agriculture.
Looks like a break in the skies ahead. Check out the green tree's along the road. We haven't seen this much solid green in some time. Citrus fields of some sort.
Flat ground and green, reminds us of Iowa. Our GPS tells us the elevation is only 100 ft above sea level as we arrive in Yuma.
Don't know why someone planted this straight line of Palm trees? Dark skies returning. And solid fields of vegetables.
Fields of cabbage?
We heard this was a big produce area that feed lots of the USA.
Coming into Yuma. The streets are wet and muddy from the heavy rains they received last night and today. Dirt from the fields gets washed onto the road in very heavy rains.
We start to leave the city limits following our GPS to our RV park. Must be out in the country somewhere?Irrigation canal we cross over. Neighborhood looks a little iffy.
Road is rough and cracked, no sign of RV park. Field of large fresh produce everywhere.
Another irrigation canal.
Our route along the canal to find our park.
See the people in the distance? Harvesting whatever is growing in this very wet field.
Big puddles in and along this narrow road, hope we are getting close to our destination. At least there is blue sky ahead.
Nothing ahead? Has the GPS got us lost again?
We come over a rise in the road and there it is, way off in the distance, our destination. See the water tower? Sure glad we don't have to find a turn around spot on this very muddy road.
Crossing the last canal. Pretty full.
Getting closer. Bet you wish we would hurry up and get there as much as I do. More green fields on both sides of the road. Still can't decide what is growing out there. Sign on right warns that the road ahead is muddy and people may be working close to the road.
We are here! Passing the check-in booth. Will drive down to the office to register.
Lets see now, where is the office? At least the road in dry and not covered with dirt here.

This is the first official sign.
View of the golf course that is built in and around the RV park. I didn't realize when I made our reservations here, that the golf course was actually part of the park. Many of the fairways run between the roads and the RVs. No its not free to play. Costs $18 dollars for 18 holes and more if you want a cart. Many people bring their own golf carts.
Now I am more impressed as we round the corner and head down this road to the office.
Looks like the pond in front of the office is almost ready to flood over its bank.
Here we are at our site. Small concrete patio, the rest is medium sized gravel. Nice paved roads in the park. Not much in the way of privacy or green landscaping. Just an occasional bush or small tree. But that pretty much is the norm at many RV parks. The front of the Honda is completely cover in mud and so are the sides of the RV. I know what I will be doing tomorrow.

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