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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pet Parade & Mallery's Update


The days are drifting away, as we have been here in Yuma for 3 weeks already. Really haven't done much sight-seeing. Just catching up on odds and ends and just relaxing. The weather has been great, couple of rainy days, but otherwise sunny, highs in the 70's to low 80's and lows in the 50's at night.
Our RV park has an annual Pet Show, which as we found out, is very popular. Residents bring their dogs (one cat entered) to the big dog park and when their name is called they walk their dog around the marked square and the commentator reads a previously submitted description of the pet and his or her personality traits. If your dog does tricks the owner shows them off, or if you dog has an outfit, it shows it off. Fun idea! Spectators vote for best dog in different categories and simple prizes are awarded.
We didn't enter Malley, partially because we didn't understand what the pet show was all about until we walked over and started to watch and partially because Malley has become such a shy dog with people and other dogs, so I doubt she would have been comfortable out in the show square. Too bad, Diane has many outfits she could have worn. Mallery jumped and shaked when the crowd clapped for the contestants.
Line of people and their pets, waiting for their name to be called.
Diane liked the sky shot in this picture.
As you can see there were all shapes and sizes and outfits.
Here is our little girl watching the show from the safety of her stroller. To update Malley's health status; After taking her to the vet 2 weeks ago, we returned to the Vet a few days later to have blood test done for "Valley Fever" a fungal infection that some dogs get in southern AZ and TX. We discussed with the Vet that we couldn't understand why Malley's coughing and chocking symptoms in the middle of the night went away when she took her antibiotic medicine that we were given by the Vet in Quartzite. We felt that if she had Valley Fever, which is a fungal disease, she would not have got better like she did, while on the antibiotics, which is for bacterial infections. We talked to him about our concerns that her symptoms were being caused by her trachea problems. He said the only way to confirm that idea was to have X-rays taken ($150). We decided to go that route before trying the blood test which cost about the same. The X-rays confirmed the collapsed trachea, which her Cedar Rapids vet said she had, but never confirmed with X-rays. Her case is a very severe.The x-ray showed a very narrow opening in a part of the trachea. The vet gave us some medicine and told us to buy some Benedril at Walmart and to experiment with small doses of each together to see if they would help Malley breath better. So far it seems to be working, as she has only had a couple of minor episodes in the past few days. So far Diane has spent $550.00 on her sick little girl. The Dr. was surprised that Malley is doing so well with the severity of her collapsed trachea. He told us she could have a surgery that can help with her situation, but according to Diane's research and what other Vets have told her, the surgery is very expensive and is not real successful. This vet seem to think the surgery can be successful if you get a board certified Vet surgeon.
One dog came over to show off her outfit and to say hi to Malley. Her name was Phoebe and she was very confident and out going. Her parents didn't put her in the contest, and at one point she walk over to the end of the line and sat down. Diane said Phoebe said, "if my mom and dad don't enter me, I will enter myself, and I know I can win". Her dad had to go get her and bring her back to his chair.
This was her brother or sister?
Most people here have a golf cart or rent one and use it for golf and just to run around the park in.
Pottery and crafts rooms
Practice putting greens.

Entry to Cantina, where there is a bar with tables and chairs in a screened in area. A band was playing at cocktail hour and it was very lively in there.
Another view of the large putting area. It is really more of a nine hole golf course for putting. Another nice feature we have discovered is that some fresh organic produce is brought to the office parking lot on Tuesday and Friday mornings. So you can purchase your fresh produce without leaving the RV park. They also have a seafood guy that comes once a week, but kind of expensive.

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