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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fort Myers Beach beaches 3/25/2011

We decided to check out Fort Meyers Beach beaches.

I like Fort Myers , because they also allow dogs on their beaches, as long as they are on a leash,

and you pick up after them.

We parked at Fort Myers Beach beach access #21. The beaches are very narrow here.

It could be high tide though, making the beach narrow.

Mallery did a great job walking with us. It was a very warm day, but walking in the water, and because it was windy, she stayed cool.

Joe and Mallery cooling off under the new beach umbrella we brought.

On our second walk in the other direction, we saw this RV park on the beach.

The sand is pretty flat and no shells, which make it great for walking on the beach

When it was time to go, I had to wait for a wave,

so I could rinse all the sand off  Mallery's  legs and belly. The back of my shorts also got rinsed off from the big  waves.

As we drove home, we stopped at Red Coconut RV Park, to get the price sheet for parking on the beach. Front row or row #1 is $97.00/day, or $612.00/week, and no monthly rates. If you want to stay in the park across the street, it will cost you $65/ day, $440/ weekly, or $1560.00/month. The 4 mile drive home did take us 30 minutes due to traffic, but that weekly rate is what we usually pay for a month.

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