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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Venice Beach, Florida

While at North Port, we drove to Venice, Fl.

Trees have been blooming for a month now from Gulf Shores, Al. to southern Florida.

The town of  Venice Beach is very quaint, with restaurants and shops.

We drove through the small shopping area , and down a couple more streets to the beach. We had to wait 5 minutes for a parking space to open up.

Air temps was 81, and water temps was 67.

Time for our walk again.

Lots of shores birds here.

This one look like Royal Terns, but it has black dots on it's forehead, instead of solid black.

Black Skimmers

After a 30 minute walk, we turn around and headed back toward the flock of birds.

I had Joe run into the flock.

I love to see them all fly. 

As we left I took this picture of their refreshment stand area. The beach was a nice beach to walk on. After our beach walk, we drove to Oscar Scherer State Park. We wanted to camp there, but it was full, so we thought we would check it out. All the campsites are private with shrubbery around each site. The park is not on the ocean though.

This is the beach at the park. A small lake.

Swim with caution. I don't think so! The park does have many trails though for hiking.
We were getting hungry, and Joe could not find the $1.00 fish sandwich shop he had seen a while back. I told him, his $1.00 fish sandwich shop was turning into a more expensive place to eat, with the price of gas. He finally gave up and took me to Venice for lunch.

World's Smallest Pizza Joint

Yes, this place is a table wide. This table had to scoot their chairs in, so we could get by them. It was delicious pizza, and I would go back. Joe wasn't as happy as I was with the pizza. probably the $17.00 bills made is less pleasing because he had $2.00 in mind. "But Joe, we are in Venice, what do you expect!"

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