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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fox Lake Campground in Minnesota 8/26/2010

After 3 days on the road, traveling across Hwy 2, and 3 nights at Wal-Marts, we needed to find a campground. We left the Grand Forks, North Dakota Wal- Mart, and crossed over the Minnesota border.

The scenery was kind of boring, and blah. but maybe that is because I am from Iowa and it is what I am use to!

More prairie potholes.

Corn fields

And many, many more trees.

We found our next stomping grounds, for the next few days.

After checking in, we were led to our site, by a young guy on a bicycle. This was a first. Usually it is a golf cart.

We had a nice spot that gave us a view of Fox Lake.

  A view of part of the campground from the boat dock.

The campground was filled with a lot of RV's, that looked like they were set up for the entire summer season. A good place to come on summer weekends to fish and hang out with your camping buddies.

A retaining wall had been put in, to raise part of the campground, so more sites had great views.

A ground squirrel also enjoyed the view.

After getting permission from the campground owners, we spent the day washing the RV. After our hard work, we enjoyed the sun setting on the lake.

This is a family run RV park that has been well maintained, and is a very nice place to stay.


  1. very beautiful lake, full of natural views i think best location to spent your vacations.

  2. Good morning, we enjoyed your travel stories and look forward to more stories in the future.....ps the ground squirrel on your home page is a Minnesota chipmunk funny, very cute. You readers may also enjoy http://www.fishfinderauthority.com/. Thank you for posting we look forward to returning often!