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Monday, April 30, 2012

Drive To Blackstone RV Park, Fresno, CA.

                               Wednesday 4/18/2012

We headed back west on Hwy. 198 toward Visalia. We came in on this road, so we are backtracking until we get to I-99. Since we have been in this area we have noticed the skies are not as blue. After reading a few information boards in the park, we realize it is because the smog is so bad. Visalia to Fresno are in the top five cities with the worse smog problems. It's too bad because this is really pretty country. I am wondering though if maybe our motor home needs its inside windshield cleaned, because these picture look so very cloudy! I will have to clean them before we leave the area to see if that helps.


There is camping on the Kaweah Lake. We didn't realize it until we drove back past it , heading toward Hwy. 99.


Lake Kaweah is a reservoir near Lemon Cove in Tulare County, California.


The river originates in the Sierra Nevada mountains and drains about 560 sq mi  into Lake Kaweah.


Because its primary purpose is flood control, Lake Kaweah is maintained at a very low level or empty for most of the year, and generally only fills between May and June. Picture of Lake Kaweah Dam.


Back in the valley with vineyards and orange grooves.


We get back on Hwy 99 and head north toward Fresno with the Sierra Nevada's to the east of us again.


We enter into Fresno, CA.,


and take the Bullard Ave. exit.


Blackstone North RV Park is just a few blocks off the I-99.


We were given site #45. This is a nice site, because it is a corner lot. It is paved, and has a pave patio. It also has a even bigger strip of grass for Mallery. Then to top all this off, you get a paved driveway for your car. The park also has free WiFi. We have our own Verizon hotspot, but it wasn't working real well in Fresno ( major city so it should have been great there), so we did use theirs some. It was not the best either, but better then our hotspot. The park use to be a mobile home park, but the owners have found it is easier to get rid of non paying long term people if they are in a RV's rather than mobile homes. There are a few permanent RV residence, but the park is kepted very nice and tidy, so we do recommend  this park. The park is $40 a day, but if you have a membership with Good Sam's, it is $35 a day. We came to Fresno, so we could see Kings Canyon National Park. Also we found out after we arrived that the price we payed for 5 days is the same as their weekly rate. Unfortunately we had back to back reservations made for the next month, so we couldn't stay the extra two days. We have left  North Blackstone RV Park in Fresno, and are now in Bass Lake just outside of Yosemite National Park.

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