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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pahrump To Mojave, CA.

                         Thursday-April 5, 2012

We barely got out of Pahrump and the traffic had come to a complete halt. We sat for only about 5 minutes, then it started to move slowly.

Sure glad we were not around when this happened!

We took Hwy. 372/ 178 toward Shoshone, CA.

At Tecopa, CA. we took Hwy 127 SW toward I-15. This picture shows exactly where we were and the roads we drove in Death Valley. This is an Atlas that Val and Kevin gave us as a going way travel gift. Some of the pages are pulled out like Florida, Arizona, and California. It has been fun marking all our routes on the Atlas, so when we enter into a state we can see if  we are traveling new territory. This page has even been scotch taped though Death Valley.
This is one of the towns we had planned on seeing on our last day in Pahrump, but "All Around Mobile RV Service" showed up two hours late, and there was not enough time to go.

We were at 2072 ft at this point. This was our first views of Dumont Dunes. We were also going to come here on our last day in Pahrump.
The wind was really blowing the sand around.
The elevation of the dunes ranges from 700 to 1200 feet at the top of Competition Hill, the tallest dune.
Dumont Dunes is manage by BLM. Off road vehicles are allowed at these dunes.
There is a BLM camping area at the dunes.

Dumont Dunes is surrounded by steep volcanic hills
 W reached I-15 which is the main Interstate from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
Three times the traffic all came to a halt or slow crawl.
This is all we saw. Can't believe he caused all the traffic jams.
Scenery was kind of boring on I-15
At Barstow, CA. we took Hwy. 58 which alternated from a two lane to a divided highway. The traffic was very heavy also.

There were a lot of Joshua Trees in this area.
It was also very windy on Hwy. 58
Joe was tired of fighting the wind, so I located a truck stop, so we could call it a night. It was so windy at the truck stop, that it felt like it could rip off the RV door if you didn't hold on to it very tight. After about an hour at the truck stop, a guy knocked on our door and told us we could not stay for the night. He said we could stay at a shopping center just around the corner. He said only trucks could stay there. I rechecked our book and it said that RV's were welcome at the Oasis Truck Stop. We moved around the corner to the shopping center. It was more protected from the wind and had a strip of grass for Mallery, so it was better anyway. Our drive was 217 miles and a four hour drive for a car, so it was probably a five hour for us.

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