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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Idiots Out Wondering Around, As Other RVers Have Called Us From Iowa

Thursday 4/12/2012

The day we left Sun & Fun RV Park in Tulare, CA. for Three Rivers, CA., was very cloudy with a few sprinkles.
One of the negatives of driving a 40 ft motor home pulling a car, is you can't just pull over anyway or anytime and be spontaneous. I would have likes to stop and get some fresh oranges, but such is the Big Rig Life!
Orange and lemon groves, grapevines, and foothills were most of our traveling views.
We went past a very large lake, but our new Canon camera got stuck and would not take a picture, and since Joe was driving he couldn't fix the problems for me. ( He read the owners manual and knows more about the camera than me).

I pulled out my smart phone to take the rest of the pictures. We went around a corner and the lake kept going on and on. Our drive for that day was very short, at 40 miles
Joe had told me that we couldn't go by the GPS when we got close to turn to our new backyard. We were looking for a grocery or market store as our landmark to turn at. Because I wasn't having to watch my GPS, I was ready for pictures and landmarks. I saw this cow, and then snapped a picture as Joe said, "Darn, I just missed our turn. I'm thinking, "Darn I just missed telling Joe to turn, because I was taking a picture of a cow.
The park failed to tell Joe that you turn before the grocery market, which as I was looking up, we were now just passing by it. We found a road and turned onto it, and then looked for a place to pull in to unhook the Honda and get turned around. We got unhooked and moved the Honda out of the way so Joe could back our beast out of the driveway, we had just pulled into. I was behind the coach directing Joe with the walkie talkie, wavying oncoming cars around us, while telling Joe to wait.  When the road was clear, I directed Joe to slowly back up. I was watching the back end because the hula skirt was dragging under the back end of the coach and the coach was inches from bottoming out. All of a sudden Joe says, "What's going on, I'm hitting something up front here." I walked around to the front of the coach and told him to come out and to see the problem. This next statement shows how communicate tends to break down between two people. Joe opens the RV door and sees the  boulders up against the RV. He closes the door and gets back into the drivers seat. I think he is going to shut the motor off, than come back outside to further assess the situation.. Instead he puts the coach in reserve and starts to back up. I yell in the walkie talkie, " What are you doing"! He said, "I am backing up to clear the boulder". I said, I told you to come out here and look at the situation". He said, "I did, and I thought I had enough clearance to back up". I told him, I thought he was going inside to shut off the motor, and that he just made matters worse. I told him to shut off the motor because he was going to have to dig the boulder out much further than before. Now the boulder was really wedged under the front end of our rig.
Joe shut off the motor and found the only digging tool we had, a trowel.

He started to dig.
I had to go out behind the RV and direct traffic around us, because we were sticking out to the middle of the road. It was a secondary road, so there was minimal traffic, but still traffic. After Joe got the boulder out, I went back and directed him out again. This time successfully.
These boulders on the side of the RV, were what Joe saw when he looked out the door and thought he could clear them. We were very "Blessed", as the only damage was some paint chipped off underneath the RV. Praise the Lord for watching out for us, " Idiots Out Wandering Around" !


  1. I think that Iowa sterotype suited y'all just perfect that day! That did NOT look fun. Highly stressful! :/

    1. Yes Tiffany, It was very stressful, but Praise the Lord, he was good to us as he always is!