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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pahrump Valley Winery

Wednesday 4/4/2012

On our last day in Pahrump, NV., we had plans to go south of Pahrump to see the town of Tecopa Hot Springs, China Ranch Date Farm, and if time Dumont Dunes. The "All Around Mobile RV Service" was to come in the morning to finish fixing our electronics front door step/platform. After waiting for them 1 1/2 hours past their appointment time, Joe gave them a call. They said they got behind in a problem and would be there soon. They finally arrive 2 hours later than their 9AM appointment. After arriving, they soon realized they needed to leave and get another part. We could see our day was going to be shot, so we told them we were going to go to lunch at the Pahrump Valley Winery. We would call them, when we were back home.

The winery is located right next to our park, "Charleston Peak RV Resort & Winery".
We had already stopped in for the wine tasting on a previous day, and Joe had bought 2 bottles of Burgundy. On the  way into the restaurant , I stopped and took a picture of the wine award room. The winery has received over 240 national wine awards since 2004. There are  tables and a couch in the award room, for those who want to drink a glass of wine before dinner or lunch.
The restaurant is called "Symphony's".

I had to talk Joe into going to the restaurant, because he has a hard time spending money. I had the Apple Pecan Salad at $9.95, and Joe had the Cheese Steak Panini at $11.95. We found out that the helicopter pad behind the restaurant and next to the RV park use to bring people from Las Vegas. The casino's would fly in the high rollers to the winery and Symphony's for dinner. There use to be 5 to 6 helicopters parked out back every night. Because of the economy and gas prices there is maybe 1 a week now.

The lunch was very good. After lunch, Joe headed back to our Nest to meet the "All Around Mobile RV Service". I walked around the winery to take pictures. A gazebo is located behind the restaurant with a rose garden. The roses were not blooming yet.
From the gazebo I took this picture of the porch and outside seating for the restaurant.

I walked around the restaurant and took this picture of the inside restaurant area.
The winery has tours 3 times a day. A tour started at 3:30, so I came back to the winery after going home for awhile. Joe could not come, because the servicemen were still working on our coach.
The tour group consisted of just 2 of us, so we got a lot of our questions answered. This was the first winery in Nevada.

The winery was established in 1990.
In between the four vineyards, there is this stage. The guide told us when the grapes are ready to be harvested, there is a grape stomping festival held there.
Another rose garden along a path..

There are only four vineyards in Nevada. The other 3 are located in northern Nevada. The tour guide told us that we had seen 1/4 of the vineyards in Nevada now!
The guide then took us past the wine tasting area, the gift shop and the wine award room into the processing and storage area.
This was a worker who was doing her daily check of some of the aged stored wines.The red wines ferments for 3 years. The white wines age for 18 months.
Because the winery only has four vineyards, grapes are also brought in from California, and Oregon.
Every evening around 5PM the Gambel's Quails would come out in groups and prance around the park. They are so cute with their little head looking feather hats.
That evening we had a beautiful send off sunset.
The sunset was reflected onto our Nest.
We had a great time here in Pahrump and really liked Charleston Peak RV Resort & Winery. We stayed here for 2 weeks because it is a ROD parks and it was free with our Ocean Canyon Resorts membership.

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