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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Texas Parks And Wildlife Department

                                          Friday 4/12/2013

On our 3rd day in Frederickburg, Texas, we took a drive going north on Hwy. 965.

It was a nice drive with little traffic that day.

We climbed to higher elevations for some nice views.

We were heading to Enchanted Rock which is 18 miles from Fredericksburg. There it is to the left of the road.

Joe and I like the hill country of Texas.

The roadsides are in bloom with the Texas state flower- Texas Bluebonnet.

I really love all the big ranch gates and entrances you see while taking a country drive.

Can you see the people at the top of Enchanted Rock.

The cost to get into the park was $6 each, but we got in free with our Texas State Pass. Dogs are allowed on the trails, but we didn't bring Mallery because I would have had to carry her up most of the way. Her heart and spirit would want to do it, but her body would be telling her otherwise. When we walk her around the flat RV park, all she wants to do is walk over to the shade and stand there and sniff the grass. I ask her if She wants me to carry her, then she will run to the next shady spot and then be panting heavily!

There are two trails. One that is four miles to the top and one that is 1/2 mile straight up.

We took the trail straight up, because we didn't think either of us could do the 4 miles.

We brought our hiking sticks because it was so steep we thought it would helps us go up . I started out with a long sleeve shirt, and two jackets on, because it was a bit chilly at the bottom. We barely got started and I had to stop to take both jackets off.

I had to take many stops to catch my breath. I have a real problem with getting short of breath with steep climbs. The climb is 425 feet in 1/2 mile. I am like Mallery, my heart and spirit wants to do it, but my lungs make me stop. I don't think Joe wants to carry me either!

Looking up to where we are going, while others are coming down.

Joe waiting for his wife, while I had to sit down to catch my breath. 

We arrived to the top with us at an elevation of 1825 feet above sea level.

We walked around at the top, looking from all directions.

 Vernal pools, ( temporary pools of water that provide habitat for distinctive plants and animals). These pools are ecologically threatened depressions of flora and fauna adapted to harsh environments, contain fragile invertebrate fairy shrimp.

Enchanted Rock is a prominent pink granite dome which is visible for many miles in the surrounding basin.

Enchanted Rock is known to geologists as  a monadnock : an isolated rock hill, knob, ridge, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain.  It is the largest such pink granite monadnock in the United States. 

OK it was time to head back down.

As we go down a group of very young people run up. Oh to be young again!

Looking up I could barely see the group of kids we had just pasted.

Going down was much easier on the lungs, but harder on the knees, and ankles. I was wearing my high top hiking boots, and the high tops were digging into the back of my ankles because the angle was so steep. Half way down, my left foot started to go to sleep and by the time we got down to the bottom I could barely make it back to the car. I have had a problem with my left foot going to sleep and then hurting for years, especially when I get overheated. Doctors don't seem to have an answer as to what is causing this problem. This is why we do not attempt to do long hikes.

I stopped and took pictures of some of the wild flowers on the way down to give my foot a break. After eating lunch in the picnic area, we continued on Hwy. 965 to Hwy. 16 to finish a loop drive back to Fredericksburg. Our drive took us to an elevation of 1926 feet.  Fredericksburg RV Park sits at 1719 feet above sea level.

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