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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tres Rios RV Resort, Glen Rose, Texas


                                          Saturday 4/20/2013

The day after we arrived to Tres Rios RV Resort, Joe asked if I wanted to walk around the park. I said no, I want to do other things for a day or two. Joe has a real hard time just hanging out and always wants to go.  He took off with the camera to show you where we are living presently.

The park has gates where you have to enter a code to get in.

On the back sides of the office building, there are rooms that can be rented out, with names by the door, saying Palace 1, Palace 2 and so on.

After you go through the gate and past the office, you can see the  RV site areas.

This map shows how the park is surround by 2 rivers and a creek.

I have heard that some of you get tired of me showing our RV on the different resort sites, but I do it mainly because it helps us remember all the the parks we have stayed at. You know, a picture tells a thousand words!

The sites are not paved., but grass. We have a huge backyard of grass, which is unusual. Normally you have just a few feet of backyard at best.

Behind us to the right is a large out door band stand.

I guess years ago when this place was owned by some other business, the previous owner had bands come in every weekend. On one Friday night, it was used for Karaoke, while we have been here. Only about 12 people showed up to listen. Not sure if the park uses it for anything else.

Looking back toward our Nest.

Behind us there are cabins that can be rented.

Also behind us is the Lone Star Lodge. The park has potlucks dinners and some Saturday morning breakfasts buffets here. They also have some buffets like a Taco buffet on Friday nights and Sunday brunch from 10 to 1pm.

The pool is nice and large, but not heated and with the cool nights that we have had, we have not seen anyone in it.

This pool is said to be the oldest constructed pool in the SW US for purpose of a camp pool. It was also spring fed years ago.

Next to the pool stands an old chimney. Probably left over from an old lodge.

The chimney has petrified wood in it. This is the back side of the chimney.

One of the cabins amongst the Live Oaks,

and some large old vines.

Another old chimney in a camping area.

Down hill on all sides from the resort, is the creeks and rivers.

Joe walked to the end of the old entrance and found a path to the creek.

He followed the Squaw Creek River.

I guess he was birding also.

The creek has several small rapid areas.

A Great Blue Heron flies from the creek as Joe gets closer..

After I got a few things done around our Nest, we started to take daily walks down along the creek and the rivers. Mallery loves walking down there because of the shandy dirt rode, which is easy on her tender paw pads. The in roads of the park are gravel- she hates gravel!

We have had weather in the 70's and 80's , during the day and 40's to 60's at night.

The resort maintains this area very nice, keeping the grass short. There is a lot of grass to cut in this entire park.

This is where the Squaw Creek River joins the Paluxy River. This is also where we have seen people fishing. The chairs stay down there for whoever wants to fish.

Around the corner you see the largest of the rivers, the Brazos River.

It flows to where the river gets narrow. Like I have mentioned before, Texas has been in a very long drought, so the creeks and rivers are very low. There is a canoe service that brings in canoes to our resort, if you want to canoe on the river.

Looking up from the Brazos River side, you can see some of their newer cabins that are for rent.  Just beyond these cabins is another path that leads you back up to the park, on the other side,  from where Joe started his walk.

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