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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures To And Ozark View RV Park, In Omaha, AR.

                                Wednesday 6/26/2013

After a week at Holiday Mountain Resort in Mountain View, AR. we headed out. I took this picture as I followed Joe out of the park in the car. I wanted to show how many tree limbs were in the campground. It was nice because it helped keep us cool while we were here, but it also prevented satellite connections

Here Joe is crossing the bowed bridge, hoping it will hold up as he crossed over. It probably is structurally deficient like so many other bridges, especially since it is on private land and not checked regularly if ever.

Then you have to go up this hill to get out of the park. Joe said it felt much steeper going down.

We took Hwy. 66 east, (the road Joe was thinking about coming on to Mountain View, but was told Hwy 5 was shorter). We crossed over that mountain ahead. I know it is small considering all the mountains we have crossed, but it is very steep going up and down in such few miles.

We reach 1600 feet before we headed back down. We had never seen a 11% down grade in all our travels.
There were signs with a speed limit of 25mph. It didn't seem so steep because there were constant curves all the way down.

Once we got to Leslie, AR we parked the motor home in a parking lot across the street from  a Citgo gas station at the intersection of Hwy 66 and Hwy 65. I had made previous arrangement to pick up some goat milk and cheese just 6 miles south of Leslie, and the goat owner told us where we could park and unhook.

Patrick from "Once Upon A Time Farm" at http://www.onceuponatimefarm.com/ had told us his road into his place was a mess because of the last big rains. He told us that if we had a truck or SUV we could drive it, but if we had a car, it was  not advised. I told him we had a car, and asked if he could meet us at the end of his road. He said he could. 

Patrick had save this wether (male castrated goat) from slaughter for a pack goat. Ski was carrying my 1/2 gallon of milk, and my Feta cheese, orange cranberry chevron, and ricotta cheese.

It was very hot that day, so we talked to Patrick just a few minutes and headed back to our car which was parked at the end of his driveway.

As we walked back to the car I saw a mimosa bush and got a picture of what the bloom looks like up close. I have talked about this wild bush tree in previous blogs. we have seen them all over Arkansas.

We got back to the bus and hooked up our car, then headed north on Hwy 65. Just north of Leslie there is a pull out with fantastic views. If we had known about it we could have stopped to get a better picture. If you are coming from the north, going south on Hwy 65, you can pull off much easier than when you are going north.

I enjoyed the views as we drove north through the Ozark Mountains.

10 miles north of Harrison, AR., we took Old Highway 65 less than a mile to our next stopping grounds at Ozark View RV Park.

We pulled up to the office/ laundry/ shower house. The owner came out to greet Joe as Joe got out of the Nest.

After Joe registered, the owner walked Joe behind the office and showed us our site.

Joe had asked for a site that had no trees (even though trees give shade, Joe hates them because they always leave tree sap on the roof and make more work for him when he cleans the roof), and a site that we could get a good satellite and internet signal (no trees in the line of the signal). Our site sits on a hill above the rest of the park. We have great breezes on our site, and had no problem getting a signal for  internet or satellite.

This is a view from some of the lower sites looking up to our site. You can see our Honda parked behind our bus.

This is our view from our patio.

We have a view of the valley below from our patio, but I had to zoom in the camera so you could see it.

The only other site that is better than ours is the bus in this picture. It sits right on edge with up close and personal views.

This is their views. The park sits at 1480 feet above sea level. The park is small with only 31 sites, but it is very well maintained and a lot of the sites are pull through that are really long.  The couple that own this park are very young and just bought it through foreclosure. They have been very helpful and brought us fresh peaches from their peach tree. We highly recommend this park. We are currently here, but will be leaving tomorrow for Branson West, MO.


  1. Glad I found your blog. I'll be backtracking enjoying your travels. Great photography.

    1. Jack, Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoy my blog!