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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Memory Lane, Ottumwa, Iowa

                                    Thursday 7/12/2013

From Columbia, MO., we drove to Ottumwa, IA, the city of bridges.

We had reservations at the Valley Village Mobile Home Community for three nights.

The park is located on the west edges of the city.

We had full hook ups for $15 a day. The park was very quiet for the three nights we stayed there.

After we settled in, we took a drive around the town that I grew up in. First we drove to  the Hotel Ottumwa, so I could  show Joe where the class reunion was going to be held.

Across the street from the hotel, is a parking lot.

All the buildings in this area were torn down to building the parking ramp, except for the famous Canteen.

The Canteen was saved by the city, because it is a landmark and well loved place for Ottumwans, and it wouldn't be the same if it were gone. Neiswangers Restaurant use to be located next to the Canteen, but it was torn down. My first job as a waitress at age 16 was at Nieswangers.

While we were in Ottumwa, Joe and I made a stop for lunch one afternoon at the Canteen.

The Canteen was founded in 1936.

It is a very small place, and when we arrive, we had to wait 20 minutes to get a seat. There were several class members eating, or waiting to eat the day we went. We each got a maid rite, and shared a chocolate shake.

From the Hotel Ottumwa, we could see the Ottumwa High School where I graduated from in 1973.

Front steps into Ottumwa High School

Our next stop was to get pictures of the apartment building that my mom's mom and dad owned, and where I spent all my Christmas's, and enjoyed root beer floats made by my Grandma Linnie.

Next we drove by the house that I lived in for 10 years with my first husband my girls first home. Their dad still lives here.

We drove past the Ottumwa Campground where we originally were going to stay, but their website said the sites were only big enough for a 36 ft RV. After driving around, we found several sites that were plenty big for us at 41 feet. The campground only has water and electric, which was another reason we decided to stay at Valley Village.

Next we drove past the apartment complex on Green St., that my mom owned before she moved to Cedar Rapids. My grandpa Floyd also lived in one of the apartments, after my grandma Linny died. It use to look so much nicer when my mom owned it.

I took a picture of the lot next to the apartment complex, because when she sold it, this land was suppose to have been sold with it, but somehow it didn't, and my mom has been paying taxes on it for over 20 years. The neighbor on the other side has show some interest in it and she is trying to give it away so she won't have to pay taxes on it anymore. I took this picture, so she could see how well it was being maintained.

Just up the street on Green St., I took a picture of this home, because my mother lived here from grade school to high school, and I knew she would want to see pictures of it too.

Next we drove past the house where I lived while in grade school, and junior high.

Our last drive by, was the home where my sisters and I lived during our high school years.

The house never had a circle drive when we lived there, and it was green instead of blue The carport was also turned into a garage after we left. We also drove past some of my friends old homes in this neighborhood, before we headed back to our Nest in Valley Village Mobile Home community.

We are still in Cedar Rapids, IA. My comnputer is at the comnputer Dr's office getting rid of viruses, so I haven't done much blogging lately. I am using Joe's computer tonight,  but  I don't like it much, because it jumps around too much.

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