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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View, AR


                                   Tuesday 6/25/2013

On a morning walk with Mally I (Joe) spotted this turtle heading towards the creek. 

When Joe came back home, he told me (Diane) about a turtle he had seen. About 30 minutes later, I went out to water my herb plants on the picnic table and saw this turtle in our yard. I went over to it to take it's picture, and it drew his/her head and legs into his house. I told him, not to be afraid, as I was his friend. I also told him he needed a bath.

After a face close up, I watched him continue down the embankment toward the creek through our RV window. After about 10 minutes, I went back outside to see if he made it to the creek. As I stood in my backyard, looking down the hill toward the creek, I saw 4 children next to the creek. There was what looked to me to be a 12 year boy, 9 year old girl, 10 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. The older boy caught my attention, because he was screaming wildly with a large stick in hand whacking something. Quickly I realized he was acting like a ninja, and his opponent was my friend the turtle. He was hitting the turtle with the stick on it's shell. Without even thinking I yelled, "Stop it now" The boy didn't hear me because he was yelling so loudly himself. The two girls were on the opposite side of the creek, and after I yelled at him, they turned and started to walk down the creek away from the boy. The little boy was also on the opposite side of the creek with his back toward me, and he just looked down at the ground and didn't move. I yelled again, "Stop it now" He still didn't hear me. He bent over and flipped the turtle on it's back, and continued the attack on the turtle. I yelled again louder, "Stop it now"! He looked up at me, then I yelled "Turn him over and walk away! Don't abuse or annoy animals"! He turned the turtle over, and turned his back to me, looking downtoward the ground for about 3 minutes. Then he started to walk back across the creek toward the campground, and down away from me. I looked down stream and notice a man sitting at the back of his campsite watching everything. I wondered why he didn't say anything. I continued to stand and watch the boy as he walked away. The boy finally looked back, only to see I was still watching him. He walked up the hill to where the man sat watching. I realized then this man knew the boy. My attention turned to my friend the turtle. He finally came out of his shell and headed to the creek, then headed down stream. The water was clear, so I could see where it was going. Next the man and boy walked down to the creek further down stream to where the other 3 children had gone. As the boy approached the other kids, one of the girls asked where the turtle was. He pointed a little up stream from where they were. Next I saw the 3 oldest kids pick up large rocks and throwing them where the turtle was. I headed down thee hill, again without thinking, sliding on the wet dew weeds on my butt on the way down. I ran down the rocky dried creek bed toward them, and when I got close enough, I yelled, "Stop throwing rocks at the turtle" The kids stopped when they heard me and turn and started to walk away. The man turned to me, and said, "Go back there," as he point toward where I came, "it is none of your business" I told him he needed to teach his children to not abuse or annoy animals, because if you abuse animals when you are young, you will become a abuser as an adult. He said the boy was not his son, and  he told me I didn't know what was going on. He said the boy was just poking the turtle with a stick. I said no he wasn't, he was hitting the turtle, and even if that was the case, would he like me poking him with a stick. He said, "Go ahead", then he turned and walked away . You always wonder how you will react when someone does something they shouldn't. I know I didn't make any impression on the children, as they continued to throw rocks at the turtle, just minutes after I had yelled at the older boy. It really is not the children's fault, because they have adults in their lives that have not taught them the value and care of wildlife and animals. All I can say is I was there for my friend turtle. I went back to our Nest and told Joe all that had happened. He said I was lucky the man didn't punch me out. I said, you know me, I tell people the way it is! I wish I had gone down and just talked to the boy. Maybe I would have made more of an impression on him, but everything happened so fast, and this was how I reacted.As you can imagine I was steaming mad! I am going to let Joe finish this blog as I have dishes to do, but I wanted to tell this part of the story.
Later that day we left the RV park and headed to check out the Ozark  Folk Center. Diane had gone the previous day for a $20 massage at a school for massage in Mountain View, and her student massager told her we should go to the center. On the road there we spotted these young fawns with their mother crossing the road.

The last one wanted to pose for a picture and Diane took advantage of this rare opportunity.

We didn't know what to expect.

It turned out to be a group of original and rebuild and new building with craftsmen showing off their old world crafts. It costs $7 each to get in. Our first stop was the original school house to hear someone speak about songs by women of the old days.

This is an old school house from the old days.the walls are original.

We move on to a copper shop that creates heat treated (colored by heating the copper) ornaments.

Diane really liked this artwork. The artist really brought out so many colors and designs in his work

This is a group of people that play music; this young 8 year old girl, not only showed us her dancing ability but also her violin playing capability. She tapped very fast for the entire song.

This shop made pottery. It was fascinating to watch her create this master piece in front of our eyes.

This craftsman made glass beads and other glass items.

This shop showed vintage clothing and how it was made on vintage machines. 

This shop made and sold old fashion Lye soap.

We also met the village blacksmith. He had lost his leg and had tried to make his own replacement, but it was too heavy. He now has a state of the art replacement. He was very interesting to talk to. 

This is an old cabin that was moved to the park for show.

This is the root cellar for the house.

This is a broom making place. Diane wanted one of their brooms. $70. I said I'm not paying that much for a broom.

Now we got to see candles being made by multiple drippings 

Next was a gun smith who make old flintlock guns from scratch. He showed us how it fired with gunpowder, but I couldn't catch the flash of the powder. 

On his workbench, a gun is in the process of being built.

After leaving the folk art place we went for a drive to check out the Sylamore Byway.

It turned out to be kind of boring, just a few views. Not recommended, at least in the summer. The drive might be better during fall and once the leaves fall off, to get better views of the vista's.

This house sits high on a hill. Maybe a Bed and Breakfasts. It sits just a mile from our RV PARK.

I would love to see their views from their home.


  1. Thanks for helping the turtle. Your intervention might be thought provoking and result in the kids rethinking the abuse of animals.

    Probably no helping the old duke.

  2. Hi Diane Malory and Joe,

    I have not commented for quite awhile as I have had a lot of health issues and other things going on. Bless you Diane for standing up to not only the 4 children but also the ignorant man. I remember you tried to help a dog running in the road(I think maybe you were in Oregon?)once too. Both of these actions show your true love of animals. Many people see something wrong and do not react, but you charge straight ahead. I admire you and the world is certainly a better place with you in it. Safe travels and God Bless. Take care , Leslie from Eureka, CA

    1. Hi Leslie, Hope things go better for you soon. Joe had asked not to long ago if I had heard from you, and I told him no, so we are glad to hear you and you are OK even though you are having some health problems. Yea I am animal lover, and hate it when I see a lost animal or one that needs help. Take care!