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Friday, June 28, 2013

Property on Greers Ferry Lake, AR.

                                  Friday 6/21/2013

After a day of just hanging out at our resort in Mountain View, we schedule an appointment to see a property on Greers Ferry Lake. We took the same route that we had come on to Mountain View, but just going the opposite direction. Our drive took an hour to get to the lake.

We stopped at Cove Creek Park to see the lake up close.

This is a very nice US Army Corps of Engineers campground, with paved sites.

We drove to the boat launch, and walked out on the dock. This area was a little flooded out.

We were going to see property on top of the mountain in this picture.

Once we got to the top, I saw some donkeys on what was the property we came to looked at. ( I didn't know this was the property at the time). 

When I got out to take the donkey's pictures, they started to call out to say Hi. Boy are they loud!

We continued down a hill to the owners home who owns the properties.

We spent some time inside their home, while Paul went over a booklet of information of the lots that were for sale. Then he took us out to his back yard to see his views. Every room in the back of his home has amazing views of the lake.

Here are Paul and Dot's views from their deck, looking southeast

Looking east from his deck.

And then looking northeast from the deck.

Then we walked to the edge of his property, and looked north.

Then northeast.

Then east.

Paul said we needed a picture of us with the lake in the background. His back yard sits on a bluff, and drops down the a height of a 60 floor building.

Paul then took us in his truck and drove us around his 168 acre property and showed us different lots. This lot was one that we were interested in. It is a long thin lot that has 4 1/2 acres. It also has a bluff area, which I would not like because I have small Nana kids, but it had a better view that the one I had come to see.

The lot has a gentle to moderate slope from the road. You would not see the house from the road. This lot cost $135,000.

After seeing the lots, Paul showed us his garden.

I walked around to see Dusty his palomino also.

As we left, I took another picture of the lot that I liked. It is 5 acres, and is $140,000. We would put the house down the hill where there is a far away view of the lake. I forgot to take a picture when Paul took us on the land in his truck. I couldn't walk back down to the site, because there is a fence and donkeys on the lot. There was another lot that had a 4 bedroom house on it. It is across the street from the lake, but had a nice view. The house sat on 4 1/2 acres and the asking price was $385,000. Joe said he would like that house and lot best for the price and not having to build, put in a drive, septic tank, and the headaches of building. Paul And Dot were wonderful people and would make great neighbors.

As we headed home we drove north on Diamond Ridge around the lake in the other direction.

Greers Ferry Lake sits at the foothills of the Ozarks in north central Arkansas

The lake was formed by the Greers Ferry Dam in 1964, and is a 40,000 acres lake.

It's a real pretty lake, but Joe and I think the summers are too hot, and think we need to find something further north. It has been in the high 90's the entire time we have been in Arkansas for June and part of May.

We went back to Mountain View on another route for different views.
When we got home, we drove a mile down the road from our resort and went to Jo Jo's for catfish.

It was highly recommended by several people, and the parking lot was full, with people waiting in line to get in to eat. It sits along the White River. We just order catfish to go, and skipped the "all you can eat hush puppies". Neither one of us needed the carbs/calories! The catfish was really good. 

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