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Monday, June 3, 2013

Millwood Lake & Dam, Arkansas

                                 Friday 5/31/2013

We had to drive to Texarkana, TX. because both Joe and I needed to get some blood work done before our Dr's would give us our prescriptions for our medicine. We were about 10 miles down the road from our resort, when I realized I had forgot my lab work papers. Joe started to turn around, then I told him to forget it, because I thought I was suppose to fast prior to the blood drawn, which I had also forgot to do. I hate getting old! Joe got his blood drawn, and I will have to get it done in Little Rock on the day we stop there. We also made a stop at Petsmart because I was out of Pill Pockets that I use to wrap Mallery's pills. While at Petsmart I saw this dog just sitting in a pool, looking so cute. It was the Petsmarts dog trainers dog. Yes, this dog is really trained good!

We also made a stop at GNC, Books A Million, Taco Bell, and a grocery store while in the bigger city of Texarkana, Texas, then headed back to Ashdown, AR.

I had missed the sign of Arkansas, when we first entered the state of Arkansas a week or so prior. I got the picture on this day to prove our stay in the state!

Sunday 6/2/2013

After going to church, we decided to do some exploring of our immediate surroundings. We drove a couple of miles north on the road at the entrance of the resort, and came to a boat loading area of Millwood Lake.

As we walked to the dock we saw this sign. I never would have guess alligators were in these parts! Oh by the way, the people in these parts have a real southern draw, and it kind of rubs off on ya a little!
Looking south on Millwood Lake.

Looking north.

The water is very dirty looking. We have been spoiled by the clean lakes in the west and other areas of our travels.

We left and drove past the entrance of our resort and back to Hwy. 32, then turned east. Just a few miles east, we came to the dam, that is located on the SE corner of Millwood Lake. Millwood Dam is 9 miles north of Ashdown, AR.

The lake water might be dirty, but I have notice that the skies are always so blue in these parts! It must be from all the trees, and because we are in a very sparse population area.

After we crossed the dam, we turned in to Beard's Lake Park to the River Run East side of the dam.

We had to drive down the road following the earthen dam back south to get to the river.
You can dry camp here at the Beard's Lake Park for $5 a night.
Millwood Dam holding Millwood Lake back.

A look down to River Run East Campground. This is a US Army Corp of Engineer campground.

Little River leaving Millwood Dam.

Further up the road from the dam we came to Beard's Bluff Campground, another US Army Corps of Engineer.
Beard's Bluff Campground has a viewing platform overlooking the lake, which is a good place for bird watching during migration. We didn't see any birds, but I think most birds are much farther north by now, like we should be!

Millwood Lake has a shoreline of 65 miles. It is 29,200 acres during non flooding times, and 95,200 acres during top flood control times.  This lake is known as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the USA.

At the platform, we found a map of Millwood Lake. You can see at the NW corner of the lake where Little River enters the lake, and at the SE corner where the dam is located and the Little River leaves the lake.

Joe points where our campground, Millwood Landing Golf RV Resort is located. You can also see where it says, " You are here", where we were at, at the moment!

Beard's Bluff Park has 25 sites with water and electricity and 4 with sewer hook-ups.

On the way home we stopped to get this picture of a Rail Car Apartments community.

In all our travels we have not seen a park with RR Box Cars turned into apartments.

This guy apparently got a great deal on some old box cars and turned them into apartments. There are about a dozen different colored box cars scattered about the property and all for rent or occupied.

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