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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Catch Up To Present at Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, AL.

                      Saturday 11/9/2013

In my last blog we were at Wind Creek State Park on Martin Lake in Alexander City, AL. After a week there we left and took Hwy 63 and 170 down to Montgomery, and went south on I-65. We stopped at Greenville at a Super Wal-Mart because we need groceries, and if we continued our trek we would have got to Robertsdale, AL. after 5. Joe doesn't like to get in late, because if we would have any RV troubles, businesses would be closed and we would be stuck along the roadside. The next day we drove to Styx River Resort in Robertsdale, Al. We joined a camping membership, that this campground is in 2 years ago. We could have stayed there for 3 weeks free, but unfortunately it is one hour away from our girls and grand kids, so it is hassle. We have got our money back in full from our membership with Ocean Canyon Properties, because of all our stays out west and in Texas. As Joe says, our stay was truly free now!
The first night we arrived into Robertsdale, Alisha and our grand kids made a stop to see us, as Alisha was picking up the kids from Spanish Fort ( just west of Robertsdale) where her little ones were staying for the weekend with their other Nana. Maddie and Noah found my New Orleans mask and everyone had to try it on. During our week stay at Styx River Resort, I drove in to the girls 3 times, once to babysit, once for Hayleah's school chorus program, and once for Maddie's dance class Halloween Party.

After a week at Styx River Resort (I didn't want to stay an hour away from my Nana kids for 2 more free weeks), we drove into Gulf Shores for our reservation at the Gulf State Park Campground. We have never stayed here before, so we thought we would like to try it out. The campground has about 468 sites and has paved in roads, site pads and patios.

There are a few waterfront sites that sit on a inland lakes. The waterfront sites were completely spoken for on reserve. Our site is $470 for the month. A waterfront site cost $600 a month.

Some of the waterfronts sites have water reeds in front of the lake, but they still get views of the condos on the beach off in the distance.
This is the Camp Store/Laundry building. It is also where we come to get our mail.

Next to the Camp Store/Laundry building is the Nature Center.

Everyday there are presentations or guided trails with a staff member at the center.

I found out from talking to the staff lady in the center that there are black bears in this area. Who would have thought that! She said she has never seen one but they are in the area from Mobile to Pensacola. In order for them to get to Paradise Island ( which is where the State Park and my girls are located in Gulf Shores, bears have to swim across the inter coastal canal.

Behind the Nature Center there is a playground for the kids. The State Park is very busy all year round with families in the summer, and snow birds in the winter. Also behind the Nature Center is a activity building which I have yet found the time to check out. Joe did see some women walking over there with weights at 8PM, so we figure there must be exerciser class that you can attend.

Next to the Nature Center is the Pool House .

The pool is only 4 years old, so it is really nice.

Unfortunately it is not heated, so it is a bit too cool to swim in for my taste. We have had a few nights that have dipped to the forties, which have cooled it down too much.

This is next to the pool, and I am not sure what it is. If I had to guess, I would say it is another pool, with a cover over it.

Next to the pool area there are 4 tennis courts. We have seen many campground tennis courts (most that were badly maintained), but this one is by far the nicest we have ever seen.

Behind the Store/Laundry building there is a boat ramp, and boat docks. From this area you can see the State Park Pavilion that is located on the beach. The only negative I can find so far with staying at this park is that is cost guest $1 to come in for the day. ($1 a car- so it cost my girls to come see us) The park has 24 hour security, and you must have a car pass to get in. We are 4.6 miles (10 minutes-windy road through the State Park to the girls) away from Tiffany, and 4.9 miles (11 minutes) from Alisha. That is so much better than 1 hour away! Because we are so close,  I have had little time to blog and have been spending a lot of time with my girls and Nana kids.

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