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Friday, November 15, 2013

Halloween And Homecoming 2013

 Oct 31, 2013

When we were still staying at Styx River Resort, I had drove into Gulf Shores to see Maddie go to her dance and Halloween Party. Alisha had woke her up minutes before her class so she wouldn't dance or put on her costume. Maddie is the little blondie sitting next to the dance teacher in the back.
On Oct., 31 we drove into Gulf Shores, and stayed at Wal-Mart Supercenter one night so I could go Trick or Treating with Maddie and Noah. Maddie was a lollipop butterfly.
She had lollipop's on her cheeks.
She had leg warmers on, but they kept sliding down her legs. She is an itty bitty thing!
Alisha and Jamie were Ninja's!
The kid's went Trick Or Treating in Spanish Fort at their other Nana, Cathy's neighborhood. Noah was also a Ninja. Jamie's niece, Alex (Superman) and nephew TJ are also pictured, even though you can't see their faces.
After we got settled into Gulf State Park for a month, I was only 4.8 miles away from Alisha and Jamie's home. Hayleah had her Homecoming dance on Friday night, so I went over to get some pictures.
Hayleah is now one inch taller than her 5'4" mom.
Big daddy said he was going to post this picture on his tool box!
When you are blessed to have a photographer in the family, everyone wants your mom to take homecoming pictures. I drove out with Alisha on Fort Morgan Road to watch her take pictures of Hayleah and her friends.
Everyone seemed to be having problems putting on the boutonniere's.
Photographer mom had to come to the rescue.
While Alisha got the boy's ready I took some landscape shots.
The sand is so white here, that it looks like snow!
Everybody was ready for pictures now!
Alisha mom goes into photographer mode!
After many, many shots, the guys and gals have to make faces to exercise their mouths and smiles to ease the tension for yet many more pictures to come.
I told Hayleah I didn't know she could make so many different looks!

Hayleah, Taylor, and Chelsea have been friends since grade school.
Once again, after too many pictures they have to laugh to relax their smiling muscles!

Their fake laughs turned into real laughs, laughing at themselves!
Lucky Reese!
Then they go from laughs to goofy faces once again.
Now that they got that out of the way, they are ready for more beautiful pictures!
Hayleah didn't have a date, and the girl that Reese asked didn't accept his invitation. Chelsea's boyfriend didn't want to go, so the three of them went together as friends.
Don't I have just the cutest and most beautiful granddaughter!
Yes I suppose I am a bit partial!

The gulf is straight out beyond the sea grass and sand dunes.
Next were the pair pictures with Reese and Hayleah.
Hayleah again relaxing her smile!
Hayleah Chelsea, and Reese were doing the black and red look, hence the red lips!
I just can't help myself from being a bragging Nana.
Chelsea and Reese.
Taylor and her boyfriend.

This was Hayleah's idea for a picture. Her mom thought it was cheesy! I thought it was cute!
The sand burs had been attacking us throughout the shoots. Chelsea was helping Taylor remove sand burs that had balled up on the end of her dress.
The last shot of the day! I watch for cars as Alisha took the picture. Luckily this road only has cars when the ferry comes in at the end of the peninsula.
To be sixteen again and going to the Homecoming dance!
I am Blessed that our girls settled in this beautiful area of the USA. Someday Joe and I would like to buy a winter home here! In the mean time we live in our Nest at the Gulf State Park.

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