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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Hangout & A Sunset in Gulf shores, AL.

                 Saturday 11/2/2013

Alisha and Jamie invited us to eat lunch at the Hangout with them, on the first weekend we were in Gulf Shores. The food is just so so there, and pretty  pricey!

After lunch, we went out to the back yard side of the Hangout.

The Hangout was pretty dead that Saturday, because no events were going on.

Tables and a Foosball table in the back outside of the Hangout!

We found some chairs to relax in while the kids enjoyed the sand hill.

Maddie playing in the sand.

Under the sand hill is a tunnel.

Jamie and Alisha going through the tunnel.

Jamie, Alisha, & Noah watching Maddie as she crawls through the tunnel for the first time.

Then Alisha got into her photographer mode again.

Jamie and Noah racing across the sand hill.

It was getting really warm in the sun, so we found some chairs in the shade.

Noah always makes new friends easily and was off playing with some other little boys he had just met. Because of the fence around the Hangout, we were not getting much of the gulf breeze, so I was glad when we left the Hangout to go out on the beach.

View of the front of the Hangout on the beach.

Jamie tries to get up a kite that they had just bought, before going to the Hangout.

Jamie didn't have any luck getting the kite up, so Alisha took on the challenge to get it up. She tried, and tried and tried. I felt so sorry for her unsuccessful attempts, that I left my beach chair to try.

Then Noah tried. No luck! Then Joe tried. No one could get the kite up. We decided it was a defected kite, and no one was going to get it up. It went into the trash!

That evening at sunset, Joe and I drove down to the beach, because we could see from the campground that it looked like it was going to be a good one. The beach is about 5 blocks from our campsite.

View looking west toward the State Park Pier.

Looking North away from the gulf. This is our snow for the winter!

In the distance we could see the new Zip Line Towers that were just put in and opened this summer.

Another couple enjoying the sunset also.

There always seems to be several really good sunsets each week in Gulf Shores, AL.

The sun was setting fast so we headed back to the boardwalk for our car.

But I kept turning around for a couple more last shots.

When I got back on the boardwalk, I got a better picture of the Zip Line Towers. You zip line from tower to tower across the alligator swamps of Gulf Shores. I don't think so! That does not sound fun to me.

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