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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The 6th Annual Oyster Cook-Off, Gulf Shores, AL.

                    Saturday 11/9/2013

The Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL host many events for the town. This weekend it was holding the 6th Annual Oyster Cook-Off.

Joe went to the 4th Annual Oyster Cook-Off by himself 2 years ago. There were only around 30 participants then, but there were 70+ participants this year.

Joe and Blake paid $30 for a book of 20 tickets that was good for food or drinks. Each oyster was one ticket, beers cost 3 tickets, and mixed drink 5 tickets.

Alisha, Tiffany, Hayleah and I parked ourselves next to the sand pile that had grown since the last time we were at the Hangout. The little ones took off up the sand hill.

Madalena in her Alabama colors for the game that was playing that day.

Maddie running down the hill, almost falling because the hill was so steep for such little legs.

I climbed to the top where my Nana boys were playing, both in their red Alabama colors also.

Noah James age 5.

View of the Hangout and the participants around it. Some idiot let one vendor put his grill at the bottom of the sand hill. Two blue chairs were placed for protection from the hot grill. The Hangout gets a big "F" for allowing this vendor to set up there!

View of beach from the top of the sand hill.

Alisha, Tiffany and Hayleah sitting on the toy box below.

I spied Joe and Blake at one of the vendors from the top of the sand hill.

Lennox spied his dad Blake also, and yells "Hi Dad"! Lennox is 5 years old also.

Only the guys got oysters, as us girls aren't real crazy for them.

Alisha, Hayleah, and Madalena. Noah and a neighbor friend sitting above.

There were 3 bands playing at different times throughout the day.

It was a real pain to get anything else to eat or drink, if you didn't get tickets, and wanted something from the Hangout at the bars. The lines were long. Alisha waited for like an hour for her wings.
Photo: Daddy lifting a car at the strongman contest
The following weekend the Hangout had a Volleyball Tournament and a Strong Man contest. Hayleah told Jamie and Alisha about it, and it was a last minute thing they went to. We didn't know about it, so we didn't go. Here is Jamie lifting up a car. (I copied and paste it from FB)
Photo: And then there's meeeee..... TRYING to lift that Kia.... Not gonna happen, lol. My holey jeans for you my sweet Lena <3
Here is Alisha giving it her best shot. Not a chance in H_ll was it going to happen! But I love this picture of her trying!

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