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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Encanted Circle in New Mexico

Today we will drive the enchanted circle. So they have named this 80 mile circular drive from where we are, Questa, NM. to Red River, to Eagle Nest, to Angel Fire, to Taos and then back to Questa. It turned out to be an interesting drive through the mountains and into high valleys. There are some winter ski resorts along the way in Red River and Angel Fire that have fancy lodges that are probably over flowing with skiiers come winter. But now they are quiet sleepy towns. Lot of Rv Parks along the way, some nice some very rustic. The weather was partly cloudy in the 70's which is lucky for us as we have no air in the Honda (since the tire accident).

There is a mining co. outside of Questa, NM. This is what they make the mountain look like, no trees, except on each side of where they dump unused rock.

Nice view of the area we are driving though.

This is a small lake just off the highway. It has a small RV/Tent campground connected to it. There is a small river/stream running next to it, they divert water from that stream into this lake. (see bottom of picture for the stream water entering the lake.

View of a high mountain valley we are driving down into. The picture doesn't do justice to the view.

View at the bottom of the valley, good old fashioned Iowa cows.

More open valley plains.
Eagle Nest Lake in Eagle Nest N.M. Nice lake at about 8000 ft altitude, town is in the distant background. Very small town.
Rain heading our direction over the mountains.
Interesting bright spot in the middle of the rain clouds.

High mountains in the distance.
The following pictures were taken from our RV park at the end of the day. Hope you enjoy what I thought were really great pictures of our sunset.

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