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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Road Trip to 4 Corners & Cortez, CO.


As Joe was hooking up the car to our Nest, I ran over to these Indian Pueblo homes that were built for viewing in Monument Valley.

The insides are all framed with logs.
On The Road Again!Joe and my lips have been dry ever since we arrived in Page, AZ. and into Monument Valley in AZ. It is so arid here that it sucks the water right out of you.

Entered into Utah heading north on Hwy. 163.
Went through the town of Mexican Hat and just north of the town is a Mexican Hat Monument.

The scenery changes often.
Love the road trips to see places I've never seen.
How could arid be so pretty?
We are becoming gypsy's.
What is ahead? We will soon find out.
We left Monument Valley at about 5200 feet. Since then we have been down steep mountains and back up them.
At the last minute we decided to take another secondary road, because it will shorten the drive and gas price. We headed east on Hwy. 262.
We hoped the road would be good as we would be on it for 50 miles.
The road was good, but the scenery became gray.But the sky was blue with ripples.
Like blown sand in the sky.

There's a little color in that foothill.
But there has been a ton of drilling around here.
The gray is gone and replaced with tans and yellows as we enter into CO. Much better.
We take a quick 5 mile detour on Hwy. 160 west. Look at those yellow hills.
We had to go to the famous 4 corners and stand in AZ.,CO., NM., & UT. for a picture.
Heading back 5 miles east on 160 to get back where we left off at. Love this yellow view.
Have not ever seen anything quite like this. The Painted Desert didn't have all this yellow with a touch of blue.So beautiful.
Eye candy.
Just amazing on the landscaped changed in such a short distance.
Almost to Cortez, CO.

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