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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Golf Carts & Field Pickers


Whenever we take Malley for a walk around the park we bring her stroller along because she walks for 5 or 10 minutes and then runs out of breath. We try to walk 30 minutes at a brisk pace everyday we can, for exercise, so she rides, when we walk fast. Also, there are areas of the park that don't allow dogs, so if she stays in her stroller, it is OK. Many people who see us walking with Malley in her stroller, remark that she is a spoiled dog or that she should be walking with us, not riding. Because so many people here drive around in their golf carts, I have started to answer people who say something about Malley riding; that it isn't a stroller, it's her golf cart!
For all you Chevy fans.
It even has the chrome tailpipes and the "back off" mudflaps.
Check out these two Corvette body carts. One has a personalized dashboard that says "Barbie's Corvette".The Barbie one is for sale.
Rows of romaine lettuce ready to being harvested. Half have been harvested and the other half being harvested now by pickers. This is the field behind our park, and we walk by it on our daily walks.
Field pickers. What a hard job. Out in the sun and bent over all day, and for very little pay I'm sure.
All the workers are Mexicans. That is why our country allows illegal immigrants in to the USA. No American would do this job. They predict that someday there are going to be more Mexicans than any other ethnic group. I can understand why!


  1. Hi

    Found some great golf destinations online..



  2. hee hee great golf carts.
    You are right about the immigrants.they are taking jobs most Americans would not.
    I applaud them..they just want to make a living that is not always possible in Mexico.