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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Day Trip


While in Yuma we wanted to take a day trip to the Imperial Sand Dunes in California. It is only about 40 miles NW of us. About 10 minutes west on Hwy. 8 we start to see the sand dunes in the distance.
Then we turn north and see the Cargo Muchacho Mtns. to the east of us. We saw some BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) along here. There were a few dry campers or boon dockers at this location. We arrive at the big dunes. What a site. The sand used to be from a large lake bottom, called Lake Cahuilla back in 1450. Some vegetation in some areas of the sand. As we drive to Osborne Overlook I see 3 dune buggies to the left of us. ( The 3 blurry spots). At Osborne Lookout, we see some day campers set up and enjoying the day. On the biggest holiday weekends there have been 160,000 people here. This day was the most beautiful day. It was calm, mid 70's. It was not too hot, and not too cold. Just perfect. We had jeans and t- shirts on, and the sun was shinning. I love days like this. So seldom do we have such perfect days, even when you are chasing the perfect weather in a RV. It makes you really appreciate them, when you get them. In the summer months the temperature can rise to 120 degrees here. These sand dunes are huge. This picture just does not capture the height. Way below you can see a semi truck on the hwy. The dunes receive less than 2" of rain fall a year. More dune buggies off in the distance. Even with Joe standing in front of the dunes, it just does not give you the true perspective of the size of them. The dunes rise to 300 feet above the surrounding desert floor. We sat in the car and enjoyed our sack lunch Joe had prepared for us, and enjoyed the awesome day God blessed us with. Thank you Father for such a gorgeous day. Oh look you can see me in the side view mirror. Another view of the dunes, hwy., and vista of the mountains far off in the distance. The best weather at the dunes is between October and May.Can you see the two buggies on top of the sand mountain? The two buggies that you could barely see in previous picture. There are 150,000 acres for recreational motorized fun, and 32,000 acres of non motorizes vehicle recreation area. Some guy just heading out for some fun. I sat in the sun and enjoyed the views, vista's and fun around me. Another guy goes whizzing by. They do make a lot of noise. There goes three of the buggies way in the distance. Oh what fun that looks to be! Two more take off from their lunch break to go play. The dunes are 5 miles wide and 40 miles long. Time to head home. As we drive east, I watch a dune buggy race beside us. View from the road, with a dune buggy as a spot in the sand. Love all the wind shaped mounds of sand. The dunes are said to move about a foot a year to the south east. I would have loved to walk farther out in the sand, but there was too much activity, and didn't want to get run over. We wanted to come here for a day or two, after we leave Yuma AZ., to dry camp, but found out to park here it cost $40 a week. Forget that when you don't have a dune buggy for fun and only want to stay for 2 days. There are dump and water stations close by, but not sure if there is a fee for either. You can buy an annual pass to dry camp here for $90. If you register ahead, you can stay here for $25 a week. There is also a wilderness area that you can walk or ride horses. This area does not allow vehicles or mechanical transport of any kind. Wish we had time to do some walking in the wilderness area, but we have other adventures that are calling us down the road. The Chocolate Mtns. to the NE as we head home to Yuma. There is BLM land outside of Imperial Sand Dunes that you can dry camp for free, but just not in the recreation area.


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