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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Sky RV Resort in Rollins, Montana


We packed up the Nest, and rolled down the road 14 miles to Rollins, Montana to the Big Sky RV Resort and Eatery. This park is located on the road that goes around the lake.

A grocery shop sits on the RV property it sells all kinds of buffalo jerky and other stuff.

Also you have a restaurant that sells buffalo burgers, fries, and other fast foods.

There our Nest sits, up the hill from the road. We can not see the lake from our spot.

Another view of us up the hill. There are two more rows of RV sites up beyond our row. A few have views of the lake.

This fall this RV park was for sell if anyone is in the market for RV parks.

After setting up, we decided to check out the state park located between Polson and Rollins.

View of the Big Arm State Park from road.

This sign calls the park West Shore State Park. What ever the name, next time we are in the area, we will come to stay at this state park

Some of the RV site spots were amazing here.
No reservation, so you must get to the park early for the best spots. The park has only 26 sites and you can stay for 7 days. With so few sites, you could arrive early, and still not find an opening, but it would be worth your try!.

After visiting the state park we stop at the dock owned by Big Sky RV Resort and Eatery, where we are camped. If you have a boat you can dock your boat here while staying at this RV park.

We really wish we had a boat right now, so we could check out the lake.

As I said, the water is crystal clear!

An island view from the dock.

View of clarity of the water from the dock.

From the dock, Joe and I walked down a dead end street that had homes that lined the lake. This was a peak through view between a couple homes or cottages.

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