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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drive and Hike at Bowman Lake 8/19/2010

Joe and I decided to explore north of Lake McDonald at Glacier national Park.
The woods is burned out by a past fire.
The road we took was a one car lane rocky road. 

We met a few cars along the way, and luckily there were areas to pull over so one of us could get past.
Most of the drive was what was left from the forest fire, except for this meadow.
Just more berries of some sort.

A lot of regrown of evergreens in many places.
The drive was exceedingly long, as we have a low riding vehicle, and had to go real slow.
There were spots in the route that were extremely beat up with huge pot holes. This is where the park should have spent their government "spur on the economy money", instead Apgar Campground. With very little traffic here,  no one would notice the improvements except the few that like to explore. 
When we go out west next time, we will have a high clearance vehicle!
The road takes you high above a river. Here again, you have to crowd the right side of the road, because a good portion has eroded down the hill, with sign warning of danger!

Then we past Winona Lake,
With one swan on the lake.
We question are selves many times why we took this road.
We stopped here at the top of a pull out for lunch. After lunch at the bottom of the hill, you could take the road on to Bowman Lake or cross the river, and head back another way home. Of course, we had to continue. We had gone this far.
Yes Bowman Lake view was worth it.
We got our walking sticks and started around the lake on the trail.
The trail takes you right by the rangers cottage. Now this would be a great place to be a ranger. His back porch had a great view of the lake.
We barely started down the trail and I found this.!
I think this looks like what you call scat!
It is pretty dried out, but it has lots of seeds in it. Yes, I believe this is my first view of bear poop!
I always talk loud on trails, but after seeing the bear scat, I started to sing loudly. When we would see other hikers coming from the other direction, I would stop my loud singing.

I let Joe go way ahead. We both have bear spray on hand.
As you can see, it was a pretty wooded trail, except for the path.
Because I was so nervous, and embarrassing Joe with my awful singing voice, we turned back. I just need to be with more people when hiking in such dense forest. I have read bear attacks don't happen with 4 or more people. We got back to the beach, and we enjoyed one last view of Bowman Lake.
Looking right from the beach.
Looking left from the beach. The trail runs along the left side of the lake. Bowman Lake has camping spots, but we would never bring our RV to this campsite. The road coming into the park are  just too narrow and rough for our size of RV.

Our route home took us pass the Polebridge Mercantile. We stopped and picked up some homemade cookies, and other home made stuff.
If you need gas, they have that too. Just pull up to the big tank.
We finally got back on a regular highway to head back.

We entered into Glacier from the North Entrance.
All interior roads are great. Farther on this road, we had to drive on fresh tar. Yuk!

McGee Meadow is a wet meadow, shown in this picture. It used to be a lake made by glaciers. Over time it became a bog. Now it is a wet meadow. It provides a habitat for birds, reptiles and  many other animals

View of  Lake McDonald from the north.

Back at our Nest. This rock or boulder is in our backyard. I like layers of different greens in it.

After dinner we walked up a trail to where some gift shops, restaurants, and motel are located. A Visitor Center is also located there. Down beyond the shops is Lake McDonald. A boat rental business, is located here also.

A couple of ducks enjoying the calm waters.

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