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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drive to the Loop in Glacier National Park


Still at Glacier National Park, we decided to enjoy Lake McDonald.

We drove up the road a bit and stopped at a spot we had seen before while out driving.
When we first arrived, there were some other people. We got our chairs out and enjoyed the sun. Trying our hand at skipping rocks across the glass surface of the water was also part of our day.
This is Joe," just wanted to add that it just doesn't get much prettier than this! One of my most favorite views".
Soon we were alone to enjoy the peace and beauty of this place. The water is very cold, and the lake bottom is rocky making it hard to walk out into the water.

After our sack lunch, other people came, so we left so they could enjoy this
Farther up the road we found a trail that followed this stream.

We didn't go far, because I kept feeling like a bear was around the corner. No one else was on the trail, so I didn't feel comfortable, even though we had bear spray.

We drove up the road some more and found a spot with lots of cars. We walked down a path and found this place where people were swimming . One guy was jumping off the boulder.

These three had swam to this high spot and laid in the sun to warm up, and were now agonizing the swim back. The water temps are very cold.

Farther up the road we stop to check out this road tunnel .

The inside of the tunnel was nothing but cracks filled by cemented every way.
In the middle of the tunnel is this arched window. The views are not any better than from the car and not worth the walk.

As we walk back to our car, we get a glimpse of the "Going to the Sun Road". .The mountain in the left corner of this picture is the mountain that the road transverses.

On the other side of the tunnel you get the best view of Heavens Peak.
Heavens Peak
At Heavens Peak is the Loop. At this point the "Going to the Sun Road" gets steep and we turn around and head back to camp.

The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a scenic landmark crossing between the west entrance near the Flathead Valley and the east entrance at St. Mary via Logan Pass. The 50-mile paved road was completed in the 1930s. In 1983, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and was designated a National Landmark in 1996. The road is narrow, steep and winding, with numerous pullouts for viewing scenery.

At home we walk over to McDonald Lake for a sunset.

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