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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eagle Nest R.V. Resort in Polson, Montana

OK, so I am finally caught up with my blogs here in Alabama, so now I am going to go back and do some blogs I was unable to do last August due to no Internet or time.


We have left Missoula, Montana and are heading for one of the most favorite places Joe and I have been so far.

We are seeing the Rocky Mountains in Montana from the west side.
After about a hour drive we start to get close.
Flathead Lake. We love this lake.
We arrive at Eagle Nest R.V. Resort.
Here we are parked in our gravel space with a cement patio. We like cement patio's because a lot less grass, dirt, sand and etc. is brought into our Nest.
We took a drive in the Honda on the east side of Flathead Lake, with the Rocky Mountains rising up from this side of the lake.
I found this property for sale with 4 acres of land and a little cabin on it.
The water is so so so clear here, and really calm on this side of the lake.
This property was over a million dollars. We called a realtor to find out.
This is a view from the lake shore to the cottage. Lots of land for my dairy goats and chickens.
Someday when I win the big one.
A look from the road to the small cabin. That would be the guest house.
Another view of the lot from road.

There are cherry farms all around the lake. I wouldn't mind owning a cherry farm, maybe someday goats could keep the grass mowed between the trees.
The east side of the lake is close to the road with hills on the other side of the road.

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