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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rusty's Seafood & Oyster Bar and Cocoa Beach

We headed over on Hwy. 402 to go to Playlinda Beach, from Mims

But we found the road was closed to the beach.

So we turned south on Hwy. 3 on Merritt Island, only to come to this station that said we couldn't enter as this was government property, and the road was closed.

Kennedy space Center. We didn't know if this road was always closed to the public, or just because the Endeavour, was being launched in two days.

We had to go back the six to eight miles to the mainland and Hwy 1, then turned south and drove till we could cross back onto Merritt Island. And gas prices are so high! Yes I know we drive a motorhome that is a gas hog, but we still try to save where we can. Why do you think we are driving our economical Honda! We will have to do this trail another day.

We pass back by the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. We will have to see this on another visit to Florida also. It is just too hot and sticky for trails.

When we got back over to Merritt Island farther south we stopped at Rusty's for lunch.

This is one of Joe's book's places to eat cheap. we had the all you can eat buffet for $6.99. The buffet was very small and the food was like most buffets, just OK. But the price was good.

Water front view, but not much of a view. Sign out the window says, " You can park here" for boats. After lunch, I talked Joe into rooming around a flea market that was just up from the restaurants.

For a donation of $5.00 for wild life rescue, you could have a picture taken holding this 2 year old female alligator.

She was very gentle, while I held her. She did have her mouth tapped shut!  There was a wonderful breeze while we walked around the flea market, to make it bearable
The restaurant and flea market were in Port Canaveral.

Time to hit Cocoa Beach to cool down. No dogs allowed here.

We entered just down from the pier at the Flagler sign entrance.

Smaller waves, but many waves.

Lots of seaweed. The beach is the most hard packed beach we have walked on to date. So hard, you don't leave a foot print at all. It almost felt like we were walking on soft cement.

Doesn't look like these lifeguards are doing their job. Kind of reminds me of the way the generations are becoming. Loafers and not hard workers!

Surfing class by Ron Jon, a large surf  shop chain here in the south.

We walk to the pier.

Looks like lots of shops or restaurants on the pier.

Sign said, "no shirts or shoes no service". We didn't have shoes and Joe didn't have a shirt, so we didn't go on the pier.

No Loitering under the bridge, but many had their chairs under it for shade.

Does have great shade, on a hot sunny day.

Looking out to the end of the pier.

On our way back, we saw the the new surfers giving it a shot.

Hey she's up,

for a moment, anyway. Joe's book says Cocoa Beach is the best beach to learn to surf on the east coast of Florida.

The most people we have seen on a  beach so far this spring.

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