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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Abita Springs RV Resort, Abita springs, LA.

Before we left Gulf Shores/Robertsdale, AL. area, we had to wait for our new license plates. As Joe opened the package, he said he hoped they were easy numbers to remember. Than I heard him say, Oh no! I asked what was wrong.
 He said the first three numbers were 666. Immediately I told Joe, we were not keeping those plates. Joe said it didn't bother him, but he knew it would bother me. I called the recorders office in Cedar Rapids, IA. to see what I needed to do to get a new license plate. She asked why I wanted a new number. I told what the numbers were, and she said, "Oh, I understand. I wouldn't want those numbers either." If anyone does not know why I don't like those number, it is the mark of the Beast or the Devil in the Bible.In the book of Revelation it talks about how Satan will put is mark 666 on the forehead of all that serve him. The lady at the the recorders office told me to send back the license and she said we could just keep our old plates. That was an easy fix.

We also wanted to go to the Olive Garden in Daphe, AL. before we left the area. We got our  $50 gift certificates in the mail for becoming new members of Ocean Canyon Resorts.

Our first stop after leaving Alabama was Abita Springs Resort in Abita Spring, LA. I took this picture as we left the resort. I missed it coming in, because the park sneaks up on you very fast. If you are coming for the first time, keep your eyes peeled or you will miss the turn in.

The drive into the park is lined with tall pines.

There is a sign that tell you to stop and park, then walk to the office to get registered.

We had site #319, a back in site.

We stayed here because it is one of the Ocean Canyon Resorts that we can stay at for 21 days free.

Let me show you around. This is a pond that was very close to our site.

This duck had made her nest in a site next to the pond.

The campground is very flat with tall pines and gravel in roads.

We were told by people we met at Styx River Resort, this is a very nice park, but when there is a heavy rains, there is standing water under most of the RVs for a short time.

There is also a small lake, and

a few cabins to rent.

The bridge takes you from the campground to the club house.

The pool deck has been just replaced with new decking.

View of the baby pool and big pool .

A view from the pool deck toward the campground.

A view across the lake from the pool deck.

View from the upper porch in the club house. Notice the Mardi Gras flag. Mardi Gras started a few days after we left here.

Another view from the upper porch from the club house.

Upper porch in the club house.

Activity board in the club house. Joe enjoyed playing Texas Hold'em every night at both Styx River and Abita Springs Resort.

Fireplace and TV in club house.

Dance floor/bar in club house.

For those with kids, the playground is on the side of the club house.

We walked around the pool deck  to the lake.

Behind the deck,

if you look between the fence,

we saw another duck on a nest with lots of eggs.
Joe said, "there is breakfast". Have you ever tasted duck eggs? They are creamery than chicken eggs.

Around the lake there are many swings.

We were told the fishing is good here.

The cabins are by the lake.

We stayed here for two nights before we continued west. We will have to come back someday for Mardi Gras. We have other plans this year, so it will have to be another year. Abita Springs, LA. is just north of  I-12 and New Orleans.

This is their doggie park! What a joke! Mallery hates doggie parks anyway, because they are so smelly!
We arrived in San Antonio, Texas yesterday. I will fill you in on our adventures there later.

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