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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The River Walk, San Antonio, TX. Part 3

Half way around the loop is the Historic LaVillita. We just stumbled upon it. 

We looked up the coliseum stairs and went up them to check it out.
At the top of the stairs we saw this sign. Good,  I though, I had been looking for a place to shop .

When we look back out across the river we saw the stage. From my research, performances and band concerts are held at certain times of the year there.

Behind the coliseum stairs was a little shopping district with local arts. I did find a few things I just had to buy!

On our way back down to the River Walk, we found these stairs. Note the private  seating areas to the right  for the  upper class and important people of the community.

As we turned to continue our walk we saw another sign to the village.

The sign was located next to these stairs. These are the stairs you are suppose to take to La Villita.

We continued our walk.

Enjoy the walk with us.

Vine and light covered trees.

A few planted flowers.

Stop signals on the bridge for the boats that give boat rides to the tourist.

A red tunnel.

A cement suspension bridge.

Stairs to the River Walk.

Tree growing out of the river wall.

We are now in front of The County Line. Our friend Drew has a cousin who works at The County Line. He is sometimes in this location. He told us to stop in and to ask for him personally. We planned on having lunch there the next day since we had lunch at home that day.

I was looking forward for my Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy. You can not buy this flavor in the grocery stores. It can only be purchased in their ice cream shops. I knew there was a Ben & Jerry's on the River Walk, and was planning on having one before we headed home. But wouldn't you know it, they were close for two days for remodeling. The two days we were going to be there. Dang, I had my heart set for a 3 dip Chocolate Therapy.

As we headed to the garage parking lot, I took a couple of shots from the downtown area above.

A look at The County Line. We will see you tomorrow for lunch, I thought.

A closer shot of The County Line.

The parking is not cheap. If you stay longer than 3 hour, as we did, it cost $9. The flat rate is $10, the most you will pay for a day. TO BE CONTINUED:

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