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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Travelers World, San Antonio, TX.

The west side of Houston, TX. was pretty flat with smaller trees than what I am use to..

Then we started to get some rolling hills. There seemed to be more large bushes or some trees in this part of TX.

We arrived at Travelers World, a carefree rv resort as the sign said in San Antonio, TX., after another long day on the road.

I like their signage.

In some parks it is unclear where they want you to go.
We were given site G that was on a circle drive. Ninety percent of the park is RV lots. From this picture you would think it had more mobile homes. There are 165 sites in the park and it is located  3-5 miles from the River Walk in down town San Antonio. You can also catch the city bus to the River Walk for $1.10 per person per each way. We paid $40 a night for the four nights we stayed there. That is pricey for us! It is a very nice park with pave interior roads, which we like because Mallery has tiny tender feet.

Across the street from our site, we could see the river. It was really low while we were there. The city seems to be doing major landscaping and putting in walkways along the river, that was next to our park.

The pool and jacuzzi were small, but very clean. The park was having a pot luck dinner in the club house that night, but we had just arrived and were unprepared to attend. The day we arrive was very cold at 40 something. Joe and I have not had weather like that for quite some time. We get 40's at night a lot, but not during the day. Burr, we are snowbirds and are not use to cold weather anymore.
The next day was another cold day, so we went to the largest indoor flea market in southern Texas, as advertise in a flyer the park gave us. We had to drive about nine miles from our park in the Honda to get there.

They had a lot of stuff, but Joe and I were hoping it was more of antique and unique kind of stuff.

When I was taking these pictures, the vendor asked why I was taking pictures of his stuff. I had to explain I wrote a blog on our full time travels and show my followers what I see.
The stuff was new cheap stuff or garage sale stuff.

If you wanted frogs, zebras, lions, or box cars, you would find it there.

This is a picture of a restaurant that is located close to downtown San Antonio, called, "Towers Of The Americas". We didn't go but maybe when we are richer.

I did find one thing at the flea market that I was looking for. A mirror! My sink does not face the TV. 

I put the mirror in front of the sink so I can watch TV while I do dishes. I have also learned that  if I wash during the commercials, I can then turn around and watch TV while I am drying the dishes. When a commercial comes on again, I wash some more dishes. Between the mirror and that system, I have adjusted very well.

The only problem is that my mirror gets splashes a lot. Happy TV watching to you all!

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