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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eagle Falls & Vikingsholm Castle, Lake Tahoe Day 3

                                                                    Monday 5/14/2012

On our 3rd day trip in Lake Tahoe, we drove back up the west side of the lake back to Eagle Falls.
The falls didn't show up in the picture as well as what we could see. Best views are from the parking lot at Vikingsholm Castle, like I showed pictures of it in the previous blog.
We had perfect weather while in the area, with high 60's and low 70's in the day and high 40's and low 50's at night. Blanket weather at night.

As we walked back to the car, we wondered where people park when they come in the summer. We were here in the middle of the week and we were told prime season doesn't start till July 4. We found most of the parking spaces were taken where ever we went.
We drove up to the Vikingsholm Castle parking lot. Glad we didn't bring Mallery. Dogs are not allowed. It cost $10 to park in the parking lot. If you have heart problems or other health restrictions, the hike down is not recommended, because it is a steep 1 mile hike down and back up.
There are castle tours, but the tours don't open until May26. Castle tours end September 30th for the year.
We started our hike down.
Good views of Fannette Island as we walk down the trail.
The trail has switch backs down the mountain. You can see a person in red on the trail below from where we are.

Entrance into the courtyard of the castle.
During the building of the castle, there were over 200 artisans working on it. They had to be housed and feed during the construction on site.
Joe entering into the courtyard from the tunnel entrance.
The building behind the castle were roofed with wild flowers and sod.
Close up of the roof.
Looking to the other side of the court yard and sod roof.
View of the front of the castle.
Front door of castle.
Close up of artisan woodwork.

This plaque was sitting in the courtyard, telling us how the park acquired the castle.
There is a outside hallway that divides the main castle from the maids quarters.
Stain glass window opposite of the outdoors hallway.

View of the hall and doorways to the maid quarters.
We walked through the outdoor hallway to the side of the castle and walked around to the lakeside.
Lakeside view of Vikingsholm Castle.
Lora Knight built this castle as her summer retreat. Work was done only during the summers of 1928 and 1929. Emerald Bay reminded her of a Norwegian fjords
View from shore.
Mrs. Knight had the tea house built on Fennette Island, and about 2 times a year, she took her guests out there by boat for tea.
Fennette Island
Close up of Tea House.
Looking back to Vikingsholm Castle. Vikingsholm means Vikings Bay.
Joe and I wonder what the wood box on the second floor was about and inside.
Any ideas?
Along the sidewalk going to the lake, Joe spotted this.
We saw these in the Mariposa Big Tree Grove in Yosemite National Park. They had not sprouted this fully though. Anyone know what it is?
Joe and I think we have found our lake home!
Woodwork design on lakeside front doors.

We walked south of the castle toward the Visitor Center. Eagles Falls empties to the lake from here.
The Visitors Center does not open until summer.
A dock is located a little north of the castle for boats to dock at, when visiting Vikingsholm Castle.
We walked back toward the outdoor hall to get back to the courtyard.
More woodwork on the side of the castle.
Outdoor hallway from the side of the castle to the courtyard.
View of south corner of courtyard.
Detailed woodwork between stain glass windows.
We walked through the tunnel entrance back to the front of the castle. I had not notice all the intricate carvings on a wood building to the right of the front entrance tunnel.
Close up of the doors and carvings.

There were several sequoia trees surround the castle. This is the foliage of sequoia trees.
This sequoia tree's base was cemented up. It was time to climb the steep trail back to the parking lot. Ugh!
I was so glad it was not a hot day for the hike up the hill.
Along the trail there were bushes with these pink flowers.
I had to stop many times to catch my breath up the steep grade back up. Stopping for pictures gives me a breather break!
Emerald color water in Emerald Bay.
View of Fennette Island from the north.
As we climb, we got a good view of the high in the sky road bridge we have to drive across to get to the west side road around the lake.
Close up of previous picture. Can you see the black car driving across the sky high bridge road?
It took us 20 minutes to walk down the trail, but it was taking much longer going up.

The water color is just so pretty!
Break time again!
It took us 40 minutes to climb to the top to the parking lot., twice the time going down.

As we head home, we cross the high in the sky road bridge. Looking south on the bridge.
Looking north on the road bridge.
Another bad curve for longer RV's.
Coming up to the other tight curve not recommend for longer RV's.
On the way home we stopped at a park in South Lake Tahoe that Joe had found when checking out the town without me.
Looking north on Lake Tahoe.
Looking northeast on Lake Tahoe.
Close up looking north on Lake Tahoe.
Heading home.

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