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Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Last Day at Bass Lake, CA.

                                          Saturday 5/5/2012

The last day before we left Bass Lake, the village had a Arts and Crafts Festival. We walked down to the village to check out the art wares.

After our visit to the Art & Crafts Festival, we walked around the neighborhood behind our campground.

This home had a cute skate board seat on the front porch.

It also had a bench made of ski's and a chair lift.

Another home had this boat with bears fishing out in their side front yard.

The home to the right of picture did not sit on Bass Lake, but had an exceptional view from their front deck.

Their view.

I like this homes stone work.

Very cute!

This home was on the lake and had a great view also.

I like this home's chimney.

Joe and I like this home, but the porch needed to be bigger.

The trees were blooming this week.

This home was for sale, so we picked up a flyer.

Just a mere $2 million dollars.

We walked between two homes out on a public boat dock to peak out on the lake. We saw the home that sits on the peninsula, that we had seen the day before on our day drive around the Bass Lake.

View of their property/peninsular.

End of the peninsula.

Two people on the peninsula walking back to their home with fishing poles in hand.

As we were walking between the homes, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful smell of flowers, and started to look for a tree. This is what I found.

I am not sure what kind of flowers these are, but the smell was so pretty!

Since this day I have seen these flowers along the roadside, so they must be wild flowers.

This is another wild flowering bush, we saw all around the neighborhood, including the National Forest area.

The homes sit under a tall pine forest. Mallery loved it here!

Joe and I enjoyed walking the neighborhood too.

See why I don't care to eat out much! I have a personal chief that make beautiful salads for me!

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