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Friday, June 22, 2012

Duncans Mills Camping Club, Duncans Mills, CA.

Monday 6/3/2012

After 6 days at Canyon Creek Resort we left the park located outside of Winters Ca. We  headed to Duncan's Mills CA. which is four miles west from the coast.
We get onto the interstate and head west going past the Napa Valley area. It had been hot during our stay there and I for one will enjoy some cooler temps. By the way this is Joe writing this blog again.
Just south of Winters we pass the Budweiser Plant for this area of CA. It is in Fairfield, CA. Goes to show you can mix beer and wine.
Traffic wasn't too bad.
We had one large hill to climb from the valley over the hills at the end of the Northern Coast Range.
From I-80 we took Hwy. 37.
Looks like a pretty steep bridge ahead, better get on the gas. As you can see the clouds are moving in.
At the top of the bridge.
A steep decent on the other side. After a few miles on Hwy. 37 we caught Hwy. 101 and headed north.
We slide on by this cute old sign for the town of Petaluma. The couple we meet at Canyon Creek were from  Petaluma, CA.
We get off Hwy 101 and start the last leg on Hwy 116. This road wines along side the Russian River. In some places it gets rather narrow for a big bus like us.
We go through 3 or 4 small towns along the way. This is Guerneville, is the biggest town with a Safeway Grocery.
Eight more miles to go according to the GPS. 
Some more curves ahead. You never know what lies around the next bend.
We finally reach our destination. Pop 85! Bet there isn't going to be much here. Now to figure out where the park is. Directions said it was behind the RR Depot.
Looks like a RR Depot to me. Now where? I am always leery about pulling down a road that might not have room for us to turn around if needed.
Well preserved  Railway office building.
With an elevation of 26 feet we must be near the Ocean, but there are no signs of its location.
Looks like the Parks and Recreation Dept has taken over this part of the railway station. I should also mention that other than a few old railway cars there is no sign of railroad tracks or trains.
Next door to the RR Station is this small shop, the post office, and a  restaurant.

These are the rest of the businesses that occupy this little strip of concrete next to the railway station.
The Blue Heron restaurant/bar.

Sure enough we found our Park, or as Diane likes to say, our new backyard. We  registered and they said we could pick any open spot and there we a lot of them to choose from, but only a  handful had full hookup. This circle was where they were located.

Here we are. Very spacious.

Mallery checks out the new neighborhood. All of the sites have shrubbery to provide privacy for each site.

This park also has some rental units.

Laundry, clean but small.

Two clubhouses and some really neat carving.

Whoever made these is very talented.

Inside the adult clubhouses.

A nice TV room if you can't get a satellite signal. Not too bad. Luckily we got a signal!

This is the other clubhouse, more of a family activity center.
They even have a workout center. This park is one of our ROD parks that we get to stay in for free. I'm impressed.

Large hot tub.
This is the access to the Russian River.
Rental canoes. Some of the no sewer sites sit along the river.

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