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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Occidental, CA.

Wednesday 6/5/2012

A couple we met in Nevada City, CA. told us to check out Occidenal, CA., while staying in Duncans Mills, CA.
They told us it was an old hippie town. In the late 60's and early 70's the town was the hub of a community centered social movement, giving rise to nearby communes
On one of the buildings, they had a painting of the town with a directory.
A number is next to each building in correlation to the number and name of business on the directory.
The Union Hotel is now an Italian Restaurant.
The pictures below show some of the businesses that can be found in Occidental, CA.
This historic 1877 old Hotel building is for sale, if you are interested in moving to Occidental, CA.
The Barley and Hops Tavern is one of the tourist destinations because of the many craft breweries and wineries in the Sonoma area.
The population of the town is 1,115 people.
There were several fun shops to check out in Occidental, CA.
Howards Cafe is also a popular place to eart at.
The restaurant has vegan dishes for those who don't eat animal products. They do serve meat dishes also.
"Such Fine Things" is a vintage shop. A Mexican restaurant sits next to "Such Fine Things".

A church sits up the hill from the shops.
Occidental has a Health Food Store which I found a few things I needed.

After Occidental, we drove to the town of Sebastopol, CA. We walked around the down town area, before going to Whole Foods, which is also located in Sebastopol, CA..Sebastopol has a very nice central park where we had our packed lunch before we shopped.


  1. Diane, I truly appreciate all the photos taken with explanation to what I'm seeing. It gives me a better sense of what it's like to visit the Occidental Inn. Thank You,from Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,I am so glad I could help you plan your visit to Occidental. Hope you have a great time.